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And not just because Hulk Hogan is still in it.

CM Punk returns to WWE Backstage on FS1 tonight (Dec. 10). In some ways, this will be his first appearance, since his first was just a surprise debut and the second largely focused on him. This week, we’ll get a full taste of how the Best in the World operates as a “special correspondent” on the current WWE product.

That involved acclimating self to said product. Punk’s repeatedly said he hasn’t paid much attention to the wrestling world since exiting it in 2014. So he took some time off from watching Chicago sports with his wife to get caught up.

How did it go? He had questions...

I gotta watch a @FinnBalor V @AJStylesOrg match for a segment we are doing on @WWEonFOX tomorrow. Is it any good?

— CM Pumpkinpie (@CMPunk) December 9, 2019
And some critiques that involve an old nemesis:

I don’t get the “too sweet” thing. Rasslin cosplay. Side bar, does everyone just take pics with @TripleH now?

— CM Pumpkinpie (@CMPunk) December 9, 2019
The whole experience left him feeling like an old Phil Hartman SNL character from the 90s:

Man. What a different world. I’m basically unfrozen caveman lawyer. Your world frightens and confuses me. #rasslin

— CM Pumpkinpie (@CMPunk) December 9, 2019
That reference outs Punk as a Gen X-er. But I guess he’s still allowed to use this?

Okay, boomer. Boomer Eliason on Twitter

— CM Pumpkinpie (@CMPunk) December 9, 2019
We’ll leave that up to the millennial council.

Excited to see what the Punkster bring to WWE Backstage tonight? How about Offset on “Promo School”? Or that King Corbin appearance?

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