Puro Pro Wrestling NOAH and ROH reunite

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    (Yo, @"Senhor Perfect", get your Canadian butt in here. :dawg: )

    Personally, I don't know much of anything about the NOAH stars, but just in reading this it sounds like a pretty cool deal.
  2. :upset: :cry: I want to go but sadly cannot.
  3. Good deal to get Marufuji and Ishimori, nice.

    But Karl Anderson deal is way better and more significant, IMO.
  4. Excited to get some Japanese guys into ROH again and possibly getting some ROH guys to tour Japan and train. But I agree with Test. All the NJPW guys were bigger signings, Anderson, Romero and Kozlov.
  5. :okay: Such a downer though.
  6. Thank you! I hoped you would be able to shed some light on it since I don't keep up with NOAH.
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  7. Unwashed masses, gotta love them. But you're welcome!:obama:
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  8. People follow Noah still?

    Any psyched for Marufuji and Anderson more than Ishmori as the recent performers coming back over now will someone please give me Tanahashi vs Steen, it's a huge dream match between the top two in the world IMO.
  9. Well i am a big marufuji fan so i am excited.
  10. Thank you for not being a Kenta mark.:phew:
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