Pro Wrestling Secrets - EXPOSED!

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    Watch all the parts!

    I was shocked when i first watched this but oh well...i love WRESTLING!
  2. Quite good to watch to be honest. Knew it all but still.
  3. Saw this before. It's very interesting. Gonna watch it again.
  4. They reveal shocking stuff in the other parts. You know that microphone under the ring lol.
  5. Nice find. I've just watched the first part with the bodyslam and the punches. It's stuff I know but still it's a good watch.

    I just found this in the suggested videos
    Don't ask Finlay if wrestling is fake.
  6. no not Randy Orton, i hate seeing this lol. I want to believe that wrestling is not fake :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  7. Saw that too :laugh:
  8. Batista is a popular victim in these scenes

  9. ..... My name is FINLAY, and I LOVE TO FIGHT!