Pro Wrestling's Urban Legends

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Bort, Jun 25, 2012.

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  1. Post some of yours, this is some crazy ass shit:

    LMAO :dawg:
  2. I feel ill.... :no:
  3. The Klique sure do like shitting in things.
  4. Pat Patterson and The Kliq seem screwed up. I heard a few legends that you didn't list there, but none of them come to mind right now.
  5. I don't know about the rest but the ones I quoted are all true. Except for maybe Bret having an affair with Sunny, but it's definitely plausible. Bert had affairs with many women and Sunny was screwing HBK (and maybe others) so I can believe it. Unless I missed something, that list doesn't name the most infamous one, which is Savage banging Stephanie when she was a teenager and Vince only finding out about it after Savage left the company, and that's why Vince has had disdain for Savage ever since. There's another legend that Savage also got drunk and slapped Vince in a bar one time in front of a lot of the wrestlers. Another infamous one is that the Montreal Screwjob was actually a work.
  6. Them some crazy ass things o.o
  7. According to Nash, DDP, Jericho, a few old WCW road agents and Show himself, back in WCW's Power Plant the Big Show could do a Shooting Star Press. He was one of the most talented big man of all time, dropkicks from teh top rope, kip ups, hurricaranas... so hearing about the SSP wouldn't surprise me all that much. Nash said though that no one wanted to be underneath him during that move in case of a slip or a botch and they could get crushed, thus resulting in Show never using it on television, although DDP claims he did it on a house show a few times.

    I would pay a lot of money to have seen this. I knew he was a helluva an athlete back in the day but...



  8. This is basically rock and roll but wrestling style.
  9. :true:
  10. I read a lot of those urban legends, some of those are hilarious.
  11. ive heard a few rumours... not sure if they are true
    1. randy savage took stephanies virginity
    2. batista got bashed by booker t
    3. Shawn stasiak wrestled as "meat" got an erection in his first wwe match and never wrestled again
  12. Booker T. beating Batista's ass was definitely true.
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