Probably no Brock tonight as Raw is in London, England

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  1. Probably no Brock tonight as Raw is in London, England I guess his contract excludes overseas shows which is a shame as after last weeks show this thing with Brocl/Cena was getting started big time. I can guess there will be loads of clips showing what happened last week and then a promo from John Cena. I hope Brock is on next weeks Raw as that will be the last Raw before Extreme Rules. Also Raw wont be live for the US fans as it will be taped UK time then shown over there normal time. Hopefully it should be a good show as I know the UK crowd makes alot of noise when the WWE come over here
  2. Any body got any reports saying he won't be there? I doubt it but you never know.
  3. I hope he's there but I doubt he is. I'd be pleasantly surprised.
  4. Yeah who knows. I am yawning over lesner right now. His voice is too...... I dunno, it just doesn't suit him.

    You would think someone that ominous would have a menacing voice....

    Reminds me of undertakers voice in suburban commando

  5. He will probably address Cena via satellite or something like that.


    Not sure if srs
  6. Brock's never been a good mic worker but that's not his draw. Though he's much better than people say. People make him out to be a great khali.
  7. Srs serious?

    Yes I am. Try to find the clip of undertakers voice In that movie, he had one line.

    "your a dead man Ramsey"
    And it was a kids voice.

    Reminded me of that it did!

  8. I'm not talking about Brock's voice, I mean the fact that his voice effects your opinion on him that much. I don't care if the guy sounds like Mike Tyson, he is still a badass and I want to see what he does next.
  9. Makes it hard for me to take the man seriously

  10. I would mark out if Brock was in London tonight for Raw but I just know he wont hes on a limited schedule so I wont get my hopes up

    His voice sounds fine and yeah hes not the best mic worker but his in ring skills make up for that
  11. Yeah, his voice's OK, but it could fit him better IMO. His mic skills are also not the best. But his in ring skills, look, presence and charisma make up for that.

    I think he won't be in London tonight due to his limited shedule, but it would be nice to see him there.
  12. lol u guyz sound like chicks right now
  13. He wasn't there, but that was a sweet video promo. So great to have Brock back.
  14. That taped promo Brock did that was shown last night on Raw was awesome!!!! Brock totally owned Cena and hes gonna beat the living hell out of Cena at Extreme Rules
  15. Even though Brock wasn't there, the interview was still worth it.
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