Problem replying.

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by RoyalRaven, Mar 2, 2013.

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  1. Sometimes when I try to reply to a post, instead of posting it in a second post, it puts the things I type into my previous post.

    So even if I click, New reply, it puts it in my previous post :/ What gives?
  2. are you posting straight after your last post and are you the one who posted last
  3. Yes, but other users have posted multiple posts in a row and have done so without making it into one big post :/
  4. it might be that you are posting to quick, i think there is a time limit when you post in that time limit it goes on your last post
  5. Maybe, but I'm not sure i've seen posts that couldn't have been more than 2 minutes apart.
  6. @Crayo why :hmm:
  7. Like just then Dat Kid posted 3 times in less than a minute :/, If it's something I can change on my end I don't mind, but when I click "New Reply", it should add a new one, not just add it to my old post.
  8. It's auto merging your posts. I believe you have to be a legend so it doesn't auto merge your posts.
  9. did not know that
  10. Oh, can I get an explanation as to why this is?
  11. Your user account isn't a "legend", so it can't double post. It merges into one post to prevent double posting. It's just a legend feature, that's all.
  12. This unfortunately doesn't answer my question entirely, is there a reason why this a legend specific feature?
  13. Because legends are awesome (This is no help to your Q)
  14. To prevent spam/multi posting. It was done to everyone before but later it was changed for Legends.
  15. So Legends can Spam and Multi post but Normal users can't. I'd have thought Spamming/Multi posting was a bad thing altogether :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:.
  16. No they can't. We do watch out for people who just use that feature to spam/multi post and if it's abused too much, it'll be gone. Legends were already aware of that when we added the feature.
  17. It's not that, it's more if people or bots sign up and post I think. If you upgrade to legend you've paid money / been accepted by Crayo so are more trusted lol.
  18. That I can Understand.

    well aslong as it's moderated that's fine. A little warning would have been grand though.
  19. Yeah I just guessed lol.
  20. The why shouldn't matter, if you'd like to do this, upgrade.
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