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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Richard Taylor, Jul 28, 2015.

  1. Hello all , from where u guys are watching WWE Raw 27 July Episodes? as i am messedup with some sites , i downloaded all my episodes to watch wwe raw but these sites throw off copyright claims, and is Legit to watch Wrestling?

    thanks n regards
    John Marsch
  2. Because when i use to watch Wrestling shows these sites scypt some sort of Malware detection and Error comes by saying "this site contains malware proceed at your own risk"...
  3. The WWE Network. :adr:
  4. I watch them live on the USA Network.
  5. I usually watch RAW in my living room.
  6. So u mean WWE Network is the best to Watch all Wrestling Shows? and whats the timing of Raw in WWE Network? according to Uk based time
  7. 1am it starts.
  8. Raw is not on the WWE Network. Watch Wrestling is a good one to get it, yeah.
    (I'd recommend you watch NJPW's G1 Climax instead, but anyway)
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  9. Wrestling-Network.Net is pretty good, too.

    I mean, just Google "watch wrestling" and a few sites will pop up.
  10. There are also a few sites affiliated with the boys at Tor Rents that could help you find decent ways to watch the latest wrestling shows.

  11. I never watch anything wrestling-related live. I just download via torrent(usually on a AVCHD upload and watch it while gleefully skipping the bits I don't like.
  12. Honestly haven't religiously watched WWE in so long. I often watch reruns of old episodes.
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