Project: God Flesh Discussion Thread

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  1. [​IMG] before "THIS" truly begins...I have a few points to makes first & foremost.

    ~ I am NOT a writing or storytelling expert.
    ~ If I make a noticeable error you believe needs fixing...please feel free to post
    it here so I can make the necessary change/s.
    ~ The story will be in a constant "state of flux" as far as editing don't
    be surprised if small changes are being made constantly.
    ~ This story will not be very that will be left up to the readers
    to "see what their own mind sees"
    ~ I am writing this strictly for fun as well as a cheeky tribute to this forum, its
    members & the many, many films, songs & artists that have left a mark on me
    in the last 36 years.
    ~ It will be filled with many, MANY references to other films & media.
    ~ It will have a beginning, middle & end.
    ~ It will hopefully be entertaining to all those who read it.
    ~ I will not be obeying any "rules" while I write the tone & style may
    change greatly between parts & chapters...meaning basically if I want to try
    out an idea...I will...even if its "strange" or "doesn't fit"
    ~ While I understand this is a wrestling forum & not a film forum...I have been
    a witness to the the "problems" involved with writing anything wrestling related...
    hence why I decided to go with a general science fiction story instead.
    ~ I will be posting an update on the 15th of every month until it is finished.

    Now...with all that out of the way...Welcome to the "Discussion thread" for
    Project: God Flesh

    This thread will be for discussion, questions, ideas & feedback as well as
    allowing me to list & keep a record of ALL the references I will be making as
    well as some character details not featured in the overall story itself.

    So I will ask you all to please keep this thread on topic & resist the urge to
    post anything random or any bullshit memes that I won't get or care about.

    I will be deleting posts that are unable to keep to these basic rules.

    If you would like to have some input or a character based on you in the story...
    please feel free to PM me with the message title PGF & we will see what can be
    cooked up.

    And my final point is this...

    If you don't like what I'm writing or you aren't getting anything out of it...
    then simply don't read it.

    Problem solved.

    So with all that out of the way...let me get this started:

    ~ Agent Z is a nondescript character at this time...I simply needed him to get
    the plot going & he will be given a proper identity later.
    ~ The use of the black humvee & metal briefcase are meant to be cliche.
    ~ Originally this piece was meant to be titled "Project God Spam" after the
    idea of the God flesh being a processed meat in the shape of a cube...but I
    decided to change the title to make it sound less corny.
    ~ These events take place in the year 2020. That's right...THE FUTURE!!!
    ~ The title is NOT a reference to the English band "Godflesh"
    ~ This story is actually set in the same universe as the film Tarantula (1955),
    taking several elements & plot points from it.
    ~ The mentioned character Colonel Glenn L. Manning & the "Colossal Rage" incident
    are references to the film The Amazing Colossal Man (1957).
    ~ This entire story is also based heavily on the film The Food of the Gods (1976).
    ~ The God Flesh is cube shaped as a reference to the Tesseract from the Marvel
    cinematic universe...well...that & I just think cubes looks cool.
    ~ For some reason I love sugar I had to throw some in here.
    ~ This story will basically be a stupid, over the top sequel to the film Them! (1954)
    hence the giant ants who fucking eat people.
    ~ The stench given off by the God Flesh is meant to be the same as that produced
    by a meat works. Thinks cheap dog food mixed with week old roadkill.
    ~ Like in most creature feature films I had to give at least one ant a defining
    characteristic separating him from the rest...hence the mention of the albino ant.
    He will be important later in the story.
    ~ I didn't want any flying insects...hence the protective mesh domes Agent Z uses.
    ~ The name of the town Crystal Pines comes from the film Annihilation (2018) &
    the crystal/glass-like trees seen on the beach near the lighthouse. Plus I think
    Crystal Pines has a really nice ring to it. I've been told its the name of a town
    in a cartoon series...but I don't even know what series that is.
    ~ The Mexican beaded lizard is a reference to the film The Giant Gila Monster (1957).

    Chapter 1:
    ~ The chapter title is a duel reference to the film 28 Days Later (2002) & the System of
    a Down song Attack.
    ~ The name Richard Brody is a reference to the films Jaws (1975) & Godzilla (2014).
    ~ Solaris Solar is a reference to the film Solaris (1972).
    ~ So I wanted the first attack scene to be subtle but terrifying while also
    providing some small details about the Northern Colony. I wanted to establish
    the albino ant as the lead warrior of the colony. He is the biggest & smartest
    of the male warrior ants & will basically be the main antagonist for a large
    part of this story. He will be given a proper "name" later on down the line.
    ~ Having an albino creature in this story is a homage to the film Tremors 3 (2001)
    & the ants using boulders as a roadblock/trap is also a sly reference to the
    Tremors series in general. I'm a big fan of those films.

    Chapter 2:
    ~ is a weird one. The mentioned character Fred Olen Crayo is
    a duel reference to the film maker Fred Olen Ray & former forum owner Crayo.
    ~ J.J Bezant is "kind of" based on current former owner & member @Solidus
    Hey Sol-Man...I hope this is okay? Oh...and Bezant is another name for an
    actual Roman Solidus...which is how I came up with the name.
    ~ So...I'm trying to give the town of Crystal Pines itself some geography...
    but I may end up just making a crude map in Microsoft Paint or something.
    ~ "The Prometheus Pit" is named after the Greek Titan...& the Ridley Scott
    film that I both love & hate.
    ~ The water tower will come into play later...remember it.
    ~ The scrapyard to the North is a reference to the Cypress Hill Song" Valley
    of Chrome

    Chapter 3:
    ~ So the idea was for these short "intermission" pieces spoken by the local radio
    DJ was to fill in some more details about the town as well as some exposition
    later on down the line.
    ~ This idea of this Radio DJ character is an homage/reference to the the same
    style of character seen in the film Eight Legged Freaks (2002) remember that one?
    ~ The DJ himself is based on forum member @Seth who gave me a great deal of
    material to work with. Cheers for that Broski.
    ~ I also want to thank @Seth for editing Killjoy's part & tweaking some of his
    ~ This "Project" will feature a few songs throughout it. Some will serve a
    narrative purpose...some just because I want people to hear the song themselves.
    ~ The "Sun Runner" truck is actually named after a G1 Micromaster Transformer.
    ~ The truck itself is a homage to the truck featured in the film Duel (1971).
    ~ The "Acid" smell will be explained later...although those who have seen the
    film Them! will already get the reference.

    Chapter 4:
    ~ So...check this out. Simply by switching his names around & adding a Y...
    Sheriff Fox Jacoby, who is of course based on forum member & turtleneck model
    @Jacob Fox ,is a reference to Fox Mulder from the X-Files AND Dr. Lawrence Jacoby
    from Twin Peaks! BOOM! Best.Triple.Reference.Ever! And its pronounced JA-CO-BEE.
    ~ With this chapter I wanted to show how the town operates & give you idea of its
    "Power Structure"
    ~ The idea of the Mason Jar having employees who work three jobs was just something
    that popped in my head it will allow me to focus on less characters later on.
    ~ The Mason Jar & its owner (who we will eventually meet) will somewhat be based on
    the forum member @Jeffry Fucking Mason Hey this cool? Let me know Broski.
    ~ There have been attacks on cars coming into the town from the North & South...but
    I decided to skip the Southern attacks & explain them through dialogue.
    ~ I had to throw a Bermuda Triangle reference in there.
    ~ Brian "the Pilot" will return later in the story. He's just a random character.
    ~ The idea of people worshiping the sun kind of makes sense to I decided
    to have one of my characters be a sun worshiper.
    ~ Karl "the Loudmouth" is again another random character...just a name on the page.
    ~ The different colored signal flares is a reference to the manga/anime series Attack
    on Titan
    ~ This opening 5 part section comes to a total of 4,100 words...which I guess sets
    the benchmark for future installments. 4000 words a month, a 1000 words a week till
    its finished.

    Okay...that about covers me for now.

    Please feel free to leave comments, opinions, ideas & questions below & thank you for
    taking the time to read this. Have good one & I'll see you all...around the traps.
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  2. This is going to be awesome, amigo.
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  3. Intriguing start, I'll be following.
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  4. This may be of use.
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  5. I hope so Hermano...I hope so.

    Cheers Sol-Man...


    That does look interesting...

    Thanks for the info.
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  6. Also, the fact my character is an homage to the DJ from Eight Legged Freaks makes me love this even more.
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  7. Nice...I do aim to please.

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  8. Whether you meant to do it or not, Eight Legged Freaks is a movie I enjoy a lot and I always loved the DJ.
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  9. This genre is like horror sci-fi right?
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  10. Classic 50's sci-fi horror.
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  11. Pretty much...It may have some Grindhouse & survival elements later...
    but its basically going to be a duel homage to this forum & the science
    fiction film of the 1950's...but set in the modern day...well THE FUTURE

    Yeah...what Brother Seth said.
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  12. I have a feeling my character will be dissecting something :oak:
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  13. Or stab a 12pk with scissors...
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  14. Whoa whoa... Too soon to be talking about killing me off. :dawg:
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  15. I mean...its possible...but I'm not giving anything away.

    Yeah...possibly that to.

    I agree...just because there is going to be flesh eating
    ants the size of cars around doesn't mean everyone will
    get killed & eaten.

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  16. Nah, it is never too soon just look at GoT. They killed poor ole Sean Bean out of the gate.
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  17. Yeah...but at least he lasted a season...
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  18. I know, but still though man...Sean Bean always has to die though, lol.
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  19. *Looks at Jupiter Ascending & Cringes*

    Not always...

    God that film was bad.

    Anyway...lets stay on topic...I don't want to
    look/sound like a hypocrite.
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  20. Nah, you fine. It was my fault, anyway.

    Also, I will give you my full thoughts on this tomorrow.
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