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    A crowd can kill or make an event, we have seen multiple examples of this. Especially on the independent scene, who doesn't have the luxurious production values of the WWE and TNA to cover up for weak crowds. This thread is dedicated to the art of promoting and marketing. You can have one of the greatest cards of all time but if you don't promote it the crowds won't be the same as if you did. Some promoters seem to think that all you need to do is put up a couple of fliers, spam the shit out of your twitter and facebook and then let the wrestlers do the same. This does not always work, Evolve and DGUSA (Two of my fav promotions) could greatly benefit from better promoting. They put on some really good cards and have almost only good talent signed so it is a shame that they seem to not be able to draw the crowds the should be able to.

    So in your mind. How should an independent promotion be promoted and marketed? What channels would you utilize, would you try any "new" strategies to draw a crowd. Long story short: If you ran a promotion, how would you market it?
  2. Tbf, I thought about this a few weeks ago.

    And I decided I wouldn't even enter the so much complicated business like pro wrestling without:

    1) many money sources
    2) strings in TV houses
    3) strings in WWE and TNA managment

    You should now why I wrote that by now, it's simple.
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