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    We're a bit past the half way mark for 2014. So let us have a discussion on which of the three big American promotions have had the best year so far. Business wise and content wise. Which one has had the in your opinion best year? Who has pleased and thrilled you? Who has left you going "meh and who has chased you away?

    I'm restricting this to the three major American companies (WWE, TNA and ROH) to keep it simple. Let's try and keep the discussions civil as well while we are at it.

    Let'em rip people, who has been the best north American major promotion so far in 2014?
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  2. Also, the reason this thread is in the Locker room is because we don't have a general wrestling section and this was the best neutral ground according to me and Solidus.

    There should be functioning re-directs in all relevant sections.
  3. Ain't a promotion in the sense I was going for. But noted.
  4. WWE has the most resources available to them, so business wise they would be #1.
    ROH is a place WWE watches for potential talent, making them a breeding ground for future business makers.
    TNA, business wise, isn't doing great. However, ECW had its financial problems and produced great content.

    For WWE I actually enjoyed Batista's run and the Daniel Bryan story line was well executed.
    WWE does well with long term direction, provided they actually follow through. NXT realizes the spirit of competition and serves a very good purpose

    RoH doesn't have the resources of either TNA or WWE, so it is up to the talent to step it up.
    TNA has had the best content on a show-by-show basis, even if the long term product suffers.

    TNA is #1 in content, WWE is #1 business wise. Overall it's WWE because they make no mistakes and have things under control so things never go too badly,
  5. Dragon Gate USA (Though, I haven't watched one of their shows in quite sometime) PWG. I would say ROH but their TV show is pretty shitty so I won't give them the crown. As for mainstream wrestling, TNA.
  6. You're probably talking about the porportional growth, instead of the overall business stats, so I'm gonna go with Ring of Honor, seeing as they got some nice deals, while TNA is in a rough patch financially and WWE's network blew up in their faces.

    Not sure about content though, I've watched very little of ROH, even though i liked it, and Its been a while since i tuned in on TNA
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  7. It's ROH without a doubt for me. Best product for me to sit down and watch since it makes sense and doesn't cause me a headache or become a chore to watch. They've stepped up on production in the last year and are looking to continue to do so.
    Their shows have gone from strength to strength all year. Their weakest show being just ok, something I cannot give either of the other two.

    Business wise they have grown exponentially all year, going into new TV markets all year and started selling their show out for syndication in markets where their parent company (Sinclair Broadcasting) don't have stations recently. Crowds have been at the 900 and above mark all year. Their TV show has according to Sinclair's quarterly earnings (they are a publicly traded company) drawn well over 300k viewers nationally every week. They signed a national PPV deal and set up a Ippv function that works like a charm, their first PPV drew 14 thousand buys in total (shooting over their goal of 9-10k). Not to mention the partnership with New Japan which seems very healthy and positive for both sides.

    ROH takes that cake for me.
    Neither are major companies.
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  8. Yeah, I found the error but was to lazy to change it, so TNA still takes the trophy.
  9. How I'll never understand.

    IMO TNA hasn't been watchable since 2012.

    But different strokes for different blokes.
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  10. When did you last watch?
  11. Last show I watched was Slammiversary 2014. Got through half then turned it off. I still keep up to date with the product and watch clips off of their youtube, nothing that interests me or makes me go "this I have to see".
  12. If we're going by their content alone then ROH takes it for me. Everything that has been produced has been awesome, bar Elgin winning the title.

    Even though it's not considered a major company I'd still like to give PWG a shout out. They've put out a lot of good stuff this year.
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  13. I like all 3 companies, but I was dazzled with ring of honor's fantastic in-ring workers, but I just can't seem to find a good place to download their episodes at a nice quality. Torrents seem to have weak seeders on the months old ones.
  14. Everybody (Including me) says that TNA took a turning point since Slammiversary. You should watch a full show, tomorrow. It's fairly good, but it was truly on fire in the Summer.
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  16. sign up for a free membership on

    You get to download the weekly TV show free of charge one week after it airs.
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  17. And watch another stable takeover angle (which is what we are getting out of James Storm playing Bray Wyatt)?

    I'll skip.

    I'm sure they put out quality ring work. But if the performers are uninteresting and uninspiring for me to watch, why should I?
  18. Is there any real point to this or just for discussion? Your 'noted' comment to Nero confused me as to whether there was some other reason behind this thread :dawg:
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  19. They're pretty irrelevant and IMO are gonna be used to get squashed by Muta at BFG. Doubt they'll carry any weight in TNA any time soon.
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