Proof That Mark Henry Didn't Pull That Truck

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Fullofit, May 13, 2013.

  1. [​IMG]
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  2. oh shit! Next thing you're gonna tell me is wrestling is fake.
  3. some dude is there to change it to neutral and back into park after, so the fuck what?
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  4. Figured this, or that there were people behind the truck helping push it to give Henry more momentum. I doubt they'd go for a legitimate world record (important stuff) on the B-show Smackdown.
  5. dude pushing the truck from the back? :pity2:

    The show is taped and he could have had a couple tries, i am sure he didnt really do it, but i cant imagine the people in the back of the truck deal.
  6. Haha, nice find. Looks like Paul Bearer.

    Knew it was fake though, but kinda' hoped it wasn't.
  7. Guy looks like paul bearer
  8. LOL just seen Crayo said the same thing. Too funny
  9. Not one dude, but a number of them. There may have even still been someone in the truck behind the wheel but people pushing it from behind would still make it easier to go forward without being obvious that Mark wasn't pulling it on pure strength.
  10. omg guys, don't even say that.. Mark Henry is totes the worlds strongest man!
  11. It is Paul Bearer. Mark Henry didn't just pull a truck, but he pulled a truck and a legend, a DEAD legend I may add. And do you know why?
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    BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT I DO!!! :henry:
  12. Mark Henry IZ da worlds strongest man! DATS WAT I DO!
  13. Exactly. Did you not hear him shout "BREAKS" at the start to tell the guy to TAKE OF THE BREAKS!!!


    Can this thread of bullshit be closed now?
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  14. I highly doubt Mark Henry legitimately pulled the truck, but saying this picture is "proof" is fucking silly. lol
  15. A truck and a fat guy? That's impressive.
  16. This.

    As if he was pulling the truck he's bound to not want extra weight lols.
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