Protip which none of you seem to know.

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Aug 7, 2012.

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  1. Apart from Seabs.

    RAW with 2 hours was bad enough with adverts, it won't change, that's how they make their money. With ratings and viewership like that, he'd be silly not to riddle it with ads. Now with three hours it's worse. People complain so much about it and say it actually ruins their RAW experience, newsflash, we have music. Furthermore, bad matches you don't care about = great with music.

    I was watching Orton/Big Show last night with this playing, and I thoroughly enjoyed the match. Music + discussion thread = match flies by and is decent. I don't get angry at any adverts at all, in fact, when I know I have an awesome tune lined up I can't wait. Distract yourself, avoid the recaps/adverts with something you enjoy like music and you will find yourself enjoying RAW a lot more.
  2. Yeah but still, the main thing is that the adverts take so long. I could warm up my dinner in a commercial break of RAW. But like the song you posted up there. I rather make it more epic though with this music
  3. Adverts are 2-3 minutes normally, that's less than your average song.
  4. How many times can you say this? OMG RAW IS GREAT WITH MUSIC!!!
  5. Didn't say that.
  6. Not verbatim, but it's been your battle cry for weeks now.
  7. No wonder Crayola's think RAW has been great. But the matches are good if you just watch it, and not expect it. Besides Show and Orton, every other match was either okay or enjoyable.
  8. It's not the length of the adverts (or recaps, or tout plugs, or filler segments) that annoy us. It's the way they are one, after another, after another. If a ad break was 30 minutes long with the other 30 minutes being uninterrupted programming, there wouldn't be as much bitching.

    This week, we had a commercial, a recap of what happened in the last segment, a segment with AJ and ADR, and then another commercial. While your idea is solid, I can see how that gets irritating.
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  9. Lol WWE's stock holders will be like "wtf 6 adverts over 3 hours, are you mad?".

    Anyone would do the same in their position.
  10. Of course they wouldn't do it, just proving a point.
  11. It's simply American and British advertising laws in effect. I am basing my argument on my own homeland of Sweden since it is the only thing I can base it off. But we have laws against how advertising on TV may be done. Example: If it is a one hour program three seven minute ad breaks may be run. And the same ad or variant of it is not allowed to run twice in the same break.

    Americans and English have no limits on how many ad breaks they may do in one hour so they pump it full to make a quick buck.
  12. Not proving a point though. This thread is about distracting yourself through adverts. More adverts = more distracting.
  13. The adverts dont bother me
  14. I rather have a bunch of adverts than a 30 minute one. God those infomercials are unbearable. They repeat the same shit all over and over again.
  15. I think it's more the adverts then they give us a RAW recap which wastes more time. Plus the adverts only annoy me when they end up slap bang in the middle of a decent match and not the naf matches. Imo the divas should get a match each week which is adverts haha!
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  16. True. Gives the Divas more time to get over with the crowd in wrestling and no stupid commercials during good parts.
  17. Exactly it annoys me when in a Santino match u get the full match but when it's Bryan or Punk you get an ad break! Like sort ur priorities out a little come on it's no0 wonder ratings bloody go down sometimes!
  18. I think it's because you'll get more views during a match between Punk and Bryan then a match with Kelly Kelly. So it's logical that way that they'll post adverts during that time.
  19. True but if done correctly they could put ads before and after there match!
  20. :haha: WWE doing something correctly? Be serious that's not gonna happen.
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