- How To Go From A Credible Website To A Shithole (Hi, PWTorch!!))

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Testify, Jun 16, 2012.

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  1. Keep it down people, this is about Austin Aries, (or as Joseph Park would say it) you know, #TGMTEL. It's about how stupid the internet smarks and writers are, and how jealous they indeed are. Like it or not, it turns out to be the fact every single time.

    So last week apparently the news broke out from this major prowrestling website admin Jason Powell in their Dot Net weekly crap that Austin Aries is having the attitude problems, causes them and acts arrogant backstage so much that he only cares about himself and his matches, not for the company, and presumably he might be facing consenquences for it, according to Powell's buddy Chris Shore (or the internet snore whore, as I like to call him) when he found out Aries will defend the X Title in Ultimate X. (Yeah, what a way to punish him dude.)

    I immediatly laughed at his response and the whole thing overall of course. And then IMPACT began and you all saw what happened. Aries kept the title, f'ing Hulk Hogan praised him as the greatest thing he's seen in the ring and books him in the f'ing PPV MAIN EVENT, and the whole first 20 mins were about showcasing Aries. (Again, yeah attitude problems FTW!)

    Like that wasn't enough crap already from the dirtsheets, they (PWTorch'ers, their sister site) said that the speech given by Hulk Hogan to Austin Aries was a "prank" on the X Division Champion. :facepalm1:

    Just a few quotes I find true about this:

    Even AA himself tweeted about it:

    Austin Healy Aries [email protected]
    If 20 mins of prime time television focused on me is a "rib", consider me got. What's next, the "rib" of a whole PPV centered around me?!

    So the way it goes for me, this is beyond pathetic. Very sad also. Now I ain't saying the stuff in TNA is 100% clear between everybody bcuz it isn't anywhere in the world either, but isn't this ironic for the morons like these? I guess it's true for this numbskulls - what goes around, comes back around.

    Bottom line, guys with "sources" (Powell, Snore, Torch lollies, **** Meltzer and his bitch Alvarez and a bunch of others): keep trippin, keep trippin. You may just get a few hits on your little websites! #Pranked #AttitudeProblemsFTW

    This might've been long to write or read, but I honestly feel good about it and will stay behind every word I said. #InternetTards
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  2. Every great performer needs arrogance, if you don't the odds are against you in this business.
  3. Liked. I'm not sure why users go to these sites. The only ones you want to read is PWInsider who actually do have their own insider, or PWMania who mainly reports PWInsider stuff but often verifies if news is likely or speculation. Ignore everyone else. 99% of the news I post on this site is from either one of those, if I post a Meltzer report it's normally attached with "Look at the source, take it with a grain of salt".
  4. I don't go to these sites, I wait for people to post the news here and look at the source. :haha:
  5. Austin Healy Aries [email protected]
    If 20 mins of prime time television focused on me is a "rib", consider me got. What's next, the "rib" of a whole PPV centered around me?!
  6. RE: - How To Go From A Credible Website To A Shithole

    Get em, Testify.

    As much as I love TNA right now, I almost hope this was true. Pretty much every TNA fan has always considered AJ Styles to be the face of TNA, the guy the show should be centered around... Many people now believe A-Double is that guy, and for TNA to hurt his immense drawing power because of stupid shit backstage... There literally could not be a dumber thing any company out there could do. Ridiculous. It's bad enough that this i exactly what happened to Jack Swagger, but... come on man. It's Austin Aries.

    Now to your point... What? Winning a 12-minute match and stealing the show in the process, then having Hogan put you over like a boss, and THEN getting to main-event the next PPV, is now considered a "burial due to backstage heat?" Really? Really? Wow, I must be crazy, since I saw Aries's star shine brighter than ever after that segment.

    Never mind. Killing off Austin Aries' momentum isn't the dumbest thing a company can do. It's this. What a bunch of BS.
  7. The thing is, this Jason Powell guy, he has the actual sources. He really does and he proved it many times. However, the way he presents them and the way his site buddy Shore (and PWTorch'ers, lets not forget those fagz) presented this whole thing was just pathetic and miserable. Made me puke.

    From now on, fuck Dot Net when it comes to TNA (both this and over-analyzing of shows), I'm staying loyal to PWInsider, TNAsylum and perhaps Crayola's PWMania, I guess. Other shitholes can bury themselves and eat the crap they're burried with.
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