PS Vita worth it?

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Samalan, Sep 14, 2013.

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  1. I am going to be vague, I enjoy playing indie games but I wouldn't mind a big title either however it isn't a must have and I can do without it. I want a good selection of games, i'm not sure if I can get that on the Vita though. This is another selling point for me:

    "The PS4 will launch with the ability to stream games directly to your PS Vita. In exactly the same way as the Wii U allows you to switch off your TV and continue playing on the tablet controller, the PS4 will wirelessly send your games to the Vita"


    I am planning on getting the PS4, in 2014 because there won't be enough stock in 2013 and i'm not pre-ordering it, so this is going to be a bonus when I get it. I hear the PS Vita can be used as a second controller as well.

    HOWEVER, I did have a PSP which I have sold and I never really used it, due to the limited features and games. From what i've heard, the PS Vita is a lot better and something i'd actually use however i'm not too sure.

    Anyway, is it worth me having a vita? Also, if you own a vita, what are your thoughts on it?
  2. PS Vita might have more features, but it doesn't have the best of games. If you want the best library, go for a 3DS. However, if you do get that PS4, having the Vita to act like the Wii U's controller would be quite useful. Depends, if you can go to a list of the Vita games and pick out a few that you like and a few that you want in the future to be released, I wouldn't say no.
  3. If you will use it, then buy one. I can't tell you what games it has out on it as I don't follow any Non-Nintendo Handheld, but if you're buying a PS4 it may be worth getting it now.
  4. i have one and i'm loving it atm there is a lot of good games out for it if you do get one i'd suggest getting playstation plus too if your a football fan then you've got football manager on the way i don't think i'll play anything else once thats out
  5. Thanks, I think I will be getting it. I will look through the library of games to make sure but I am pretty sure they will have ones I like.

    As for the 3DS, it will probably give me a headache lol.
  6. The 3DS won't give you a head ache if you use it in moderation and/or put the 3D settings down. It's possible to play games in 2D and not have issues.

    Of course there is the new 2DS out in stores now.
  7. I think PS Vita is great for indie games, if that is what you're looking for. As stated above, Playstation Plus is DEFINITELY worth it, and you'll have to get it anyway when you get your PS4. PS+ pays for itself because you get free games for download every month.

    There IS a new, cheaper Vita that'll be coming out soon I think... idk if you'd be interested in waiting for that.
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