PS3 and XboX user names!

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by 2ECFIGHTING2, Apr 26, 2012.

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  1. add your username so we could play games online like WWE '12 or Fifa or whatever that is!
  2. Mine is Darksidetrin both systems

  3. Ratedr0ss XBOX360
  4. Mine is Clone_999
  5. I you want me add me. When I'm
    On I don't search for people to add. I get a lot of requests thru work so if you can add a message say wwe forums or something like that

  6. Darkside do you have Fifa 12? :emoji_grin:
  7. Does anyone have PES Twelve?
  8. We used to have it at the store. It may have sold.

    I'll have to check when I get there... 5 hours

  9. LOL PES.
  10. G-Tag: SnoojaDogg

    I'm playing Trials: Evolution currently.
  11. I have access to a lot of games.... Both systems

  12. Leo_C-HHH on PS3. I have WWE '12, Saints Row The Third, Little Big Planet, Dead Nation and a few others.
  13. PS3 Shazhead55

    2k12 or WWE 12.
  14. Xbox: Failed Username
  15. My is SuperGohanGoku for PS3!
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