PS3 being fixed.

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Saylor, Jan 9, 2013.

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  1. I just gave my PS3 in for repair and it should be getting fixed soon. I hope to get FIFA 13 so I can compete with you guys and teach you lessons.

    FAT ASSES. :steiner:
  2. Yeah we use Xbox 360. GG.
  3. :shock:

  4. I know, they suck.

    I give 0 fucks about FIFA, but :yay: another PS3 user.
  5. XBOX 360 fags can't compete with real gamers on PS3. :boss:
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  6. I'm buying a PS3 soon, though I hear disastrous news about YLOD :sad:
  7. Ps3 is the work of Satan. Shame on you :pity1:
  8. PS3 controllers are made for girly hands
  9. Nobody likes PS3, but those controllers aren't designed for girly hands. That's just offensive to women :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:

    PS3 games are meant to be played without controllers. Mainly because PS3 has no games.
  10. I have PS3 and FIFA, I'll whop you.

    PSN: daewoo1
  11. So why aren't you on PS3 then? :pity1:
  12. Had YLOD on my last PS3 but it was first gen and got hammered for years before dying. It was running 16 hours a day if I was off work for music, games and films so took a beating before the fatal YLOD. Saved all my purchases through my account though also rescued my disc inside at the time by removing the blu ray drive so wasn't to bad. Also now you can upload save data and store it online or transfer to your laptop or pc via a usb drive or in my case ipod so if u back up if you do get YLOD it aint too fatal now.
  13. That was a good one. Really, playing off my own joke. That's a good one. I'll be right back, I'm laughing too hard.....
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  14. :lol1: Fucking Danny
  15. :nope:
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