PS3 or 360?

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  1. Which console is better?
    Pros and cons are welcome, hope to get an HQ discussion here not just "LOL XBOX IS SO GAY"
  2. PC.

    Why? Steam. Best thing ever.
  3. 360. Community, UI.

    PS3 may have free online but only because no one would pay for crap. Also, Sony = insecure. Some countries still can't access PSN since they were hacked by Lulzsec.
  4. Ps3. I own a PS1, PS2 and a Ps3 so it's an easy one for me.
    Only played Xbox when I was younger with a friend who owned it. Console was too big for my hands at the time, so that's why I hated it a little.
  5. Not sure about the community, but you guys are on it. $10 a month isn't too bad, but apparently Sony was one of the easiest hacks that group ever did. They didn't even have a firewall!

    But it's hard to turn down the PS3 game library.
  6. xbox xbox xbox
  7. Xbox 360 obviously.
  8. I have both and own a gaming store.


  9. Does your store have a website?
  10. 360, more comfortable with the console, has a lot of games in my taste and good online, even if you have to pay for it.
  11. I own a PS3, and I've played 360.

    I think I'm going to PS3, for it's game versatility.

    A friend once told me...

    ...Shooting Games= Xbox...
    ...Everything else=PS3.

    but if there's an option for Wii, I'm going with Wii all the way. :emoji_wink:)
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  12. I own both, and 360 is far better. Ps3 = tiny controllers. I have large hands and need manly sticks while gaming. Online is better, and worth paying for.

    My PS3 is for two things and two things only:

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  13. PS3 for me as I find the controller easier to use.

    Plus the extensive back library of Final Fantasy games makes it a must for me.
  14. Ooooh, I love to play golf and darts on Wii! :lol1:


    Do you play Fifa online?
  15. Nah mate I'm a Fallout, Oblivion and FF man. Mainly RPG's. Play FM for my footy fix nowadays as prefer the managing.
  16. My views based on my experience with all 4 platforms. I only own a 360 and PC but I have played all systems to a decent extent:

    [size=x-large]Xbox 360[/size]

    Pros: Very good, very active online community. In essence, you get what you pay for when it comes to Xbox Live. I rate this as the best console for regular shooters solely based on the controller. It feels very natural when playing games such as Halo or Call of Duty, less so when playing games such as Unreal Tournament and TF2.

    Cons: When playing big games such as Mass Effect or Halo: ODST, you need to switch between 2 discs often due to there not being enough space to fit all of the content. As stated above, analog sticks are not the best for twitch shooters or strategy games. Red rings were a problem twice for me. One time my warranty was voided for some reason so I had to shell out $300 for a new system. Haven't had that problem in a few years though.


    Pros: Free online. 1 disc per game. Bigger multiplayer matches, up to 256 players as we've seen in games like MAG. Ability to mod certain games.

    Cons: I really hate the controller. Mainly the sticks and the triggers. The sticks feel loose and my thumbs constantly slip. Same with the triggers, I don't see any way to play a shooter on the PS3 comfortably. The triggers are tiny, square, don't fit to your fingers, and slip.


    Pros: None. Wii is fat.

    Cons: Outdated movement controls. Standard definition. Friend codes (srsly Nintendo?). Online community is dead anyway, Oh wait.. there's those 10 kids who still play Brawl online. Nintendo is bad business. Lack of good third party games. Repetitive first party games. Microsoft avatars have twice the customization of Miis.

    Disclaimer- I don't have a good PC so some might find me biased, but here you go.

    Pros: Mods, customizable everything. Ever changing, and usually superior graphics to consoles. Best platform for sim, strategy, and twitch shooters. Many more exclusive titles and genres that just aren't possible on consoles. Steam.

    Cons: I do not like the Steam or Valve community. I use the term community loosely, many of them are rabid nerdy fan boys that think Half Life 2, or any game made by Valve for that matter is the one and only and can never be sidelined by anything. They are also very sarcastic and speak mainly in internet memes and My Little Pony references. I also prefer the comfort of a sofa and TV over my chair and monitor, but it varies from person to person.
  18. I'll get a PS3. I respect the 360 for all the reasons you mentioned, it's the better system, but wwerulesrkolover23 summed it up perfectly.