PS3 or Xbox LIVE usernames?

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by True Warrior, Nov 13, 2012.

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  1. Post your PS3 or Xbox LIVE usernames. Im grounded from my PS3 until December so just PM me if you got a ps3 & ill add you when I get it back.
  2. Xbox GT: Repeatable
  4. Add me. Never knew you had XBL. What games you got?
  5. You add me, Im never on, and I'm not really sure. No multiplayer ones... It's my brothers xbox. I just pay for the games have a go then give him them.
  6. If you are never on then why would I add you? :tough:
  7. So you can send me sexy voice recordings? Why else?
  8. But no one would listen to them :why:
  9. I would when I'm online. It would test your love for me over a long period of time.

    Hehehehe... I said period. :smug:
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  10. Giggled.

    Nah plugging in my headset is effort :emoji_slight_frown:.
  11. XBL: etorano
  12. Better add me euantor.

    Just realised how sexy Superstar looks in Red with these new userbars...
  13. You add me. I only get on when I go home on Thursdays till Sundays.
  14. God another noob who doesn't go on -.-.

    Depends what games you play. Xanth, Solidus, euantor and myself sounds like a fun CoD session.
  15. I tend to play every day I can. I'd say 4 days out of 7 isn't bad :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:

    CoD is good so long as you don't expect me to play that MW shit. Black Ops all the way (old one not the new one) or Battlefield 3.
  16. You not going to get the new one?
  17. Possibly. Watched a couple of videos on it today. Doesn't look all that impressive really. pretty much the same engine re-skinned with a terrible looking menu. Basically yet another CoD rehash to beat the cash cow.
  18. Basically. Getting for the campaign + the fact everyone I know has it. It is sort of similar to the iPhone, it's popular because it's popular.

    Though the previous blackops campaign was amazing imo, but too short.
  19. True. I do tend to prefer trey's games like. If I see it going cheap or second hand I'll likely get it. I'll probably pop into ASDA on the way home on Thursday and see what it costs too.
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