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  1. Alright ...I'm planning on buying a PS3, perhaps next Summer...

    Reports are saying that PS4 is coming either late 2013 or 2014, so is it too late?

    Especially that games like Uncharted 4 and Resident Evil 7 will probably come out on PS4 not PS3..

    What do you guys think?
  2. The good news is you can get all of the best PS3 games for fairly good prices, new and used. Most of the best games are $30 and under these days. Also, if you've waited this long to get a PS3, it won't hurt to get one now and wait just as long to get a PS4.
  3. WTF? That Making a PS4? in 2013 OH HELL NO I JUST GOT A PS3 LAST YEAR! What can the PS4 can do that the PS3 can not do? FUCK THIS SHIT! But I said get the PS3 it will be cheater then i can be you online LOL. I hope PS4 game will not be $69.99 there are already $59.99 for the PS3 when a game come out ITS TO MUCH!
  4. Xbox 360 >
  5. Do it as like the PS2 they will still make games for the PS3 for a while as there is no way ppl will afford one straight away. Hell they made Fifa 13 for PS2 as so many ppl still own that console.
  6. PS3 > 360 ALWAY!
  7. Have you ever played the 360?
  8. Yes I have and i thing PS3 is better and not exas bill to get online!
  9. Nah Xbox is better.
  10. Oh no not another console war, not n here :facepalm:
  12. Oh, console war. Well, we already got soccer discussions on the Raw Discussion thread anyway, don't see how the old PS3 vs 360 could be any worse.
  13. Every console has flaws none of them are perfect unless we go back to the mighty SNES days.

    End of thread!

  14. I have a PS3 and love it. I enjoy playing lots of games like Little Big Planet 2,Dungeon Defenders,Little big Planet Karting and Sonic Racing.
    I never played an xbox but I don't fancy paying to play online
  15. I'll just give that PS3 has better graphics. That is all.
    Even though online is free it sucks.
  16. Lol... I have them all!

    I use the PS3 for games in 3d
    I use my Xbox for most everything else.
    Wii U for the kids.

    All the retro stuff at the store

    Mike Tyson's punch out FTW
  17. I just bought an xbox 360 and couldn't be more pleased. I actually got a deal! 99 dollars for the new slim model 250gb! All you have to do is sign up for xbox live for 2 years. Which if your an online gamer, it's perfect! You also get two free games! Forza and Skyrim! Let's add that up... Brand new 360 is 299, two games 100 dollars. That's 399 dollars right there. I got this all for $99 Bucksaroonies plus the 100 dollars for two years of xbox live. So 200 bucks roughly! 200 dollar save! If you're interested I can link you the bundle.

    Edit Took a marketing class once^ But for real it's a good deal
  18. Did h have to buy the live through them?

    Your welcome!
  19. Let's be PS3 buddies. But first, get Red Dead Redemption :aries:
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