PS4 Launch: People receiving broken consoles

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Crayo, Nov 14, 2013.

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  1. lol, PS4 fails as always. Xbox > Playstation. #Yolo

    Being serious now, I figured I'd probably buy the console at least after they have their first update.
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  2. I'll get my PS4 around Christmas.
  3. The day-one patch is already out, and they've obviously installed it because you can't play games if you don't install the patch.

    I guess they were just unlucky, because there's plenty'a vids on YT with people playing games.
  4. Never buy on release. Not worth it for anything electronic.
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  5. That mechanical double dildo we bought worked out just fine.
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  6. Bullshit.
  7. It's a work!
  8. Grease is the word.
  9. Or Horse Radish :gusta:
  10. Lol, you're right. I suppose it's called a vibrator not a dildo, my bad.
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  11. 100% this.

    If i got a busted console i cannot describe how bad the tantrum would be. Waiting til Jan for my Xbone, ill be buying used :boss1:
  12. Mine is working fine. Had no problems with PS4. Only problem is PSN going down due to so many people connecting I guess. Playing campaign atm so I don't mind.

    Chances are, most of the reported problems ordered their PS4 from Amazon. There are multiple reports and saw a picture where Amazon did terrible job on packaging, no protection at all.
  13. My ps4 hasn't had any problems yet. I only have one game NBA 2k14, but i'm so overly cautious about using it. I don't like to leave it on for an extended period (kinda like new shoes not wanting to get scuffed up) Will continue to use my 360 for entertainment purposes such as Netflix, youtube, etc. I'm locked into a 2 year deal with microsoft so i'm going to make use of it. Also, games like wwe2k14 aren't going to next gen so I still use it for games I won't be rebuying ( madden, call of duty ( no idea why I even own the game))
  14. Same here. Keeping my 360 on a different TV to play GTA V.
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  15. Well @Danielson you've have the system a reasonable amount of time, how is your purchase? I see you are still playing your 360 now, just wondering what is the magic huge appeal of ps4, since a few of my friends are now jumping bandwagons simply because it has a better cod game....apparently.
  16. I have one game on ps4. I don't know, it's cool but not worth all the money. I'd wait
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  17. That's honestly about all I needed. I'm going to wait until mid jan for both. I want to get a cheap game/dl something just long enough to last until Elder Scrolls online comes out. It look's like i'll be snagging a ps4, as the majority of my buddies who play that will be on it. I just got another year on XBL this past sept :pity1: but i'm sure ill keep playing that.

    Elder Scrolls online is about the only game i've seen that has made me mark so far, so the system won't matter anywhere near as much as my friend count getting it. I'll have to check though, as the majority of my PS fanboy friends play more PC than anything.
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  18. Yeah, elder scrolls online looks amazing to me. I'll be down to game on that all the time when it drops. I have a 2 year subscription of xbox live, and in a madden 25 league, in a wwe 2k league, and just have a lot of games on it still.
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