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  1. The PS4 will have 2 different types a standard and a premium

    now the standard can only play NEW Games

    and the premium can play pre-owned and new (gonna cost a bomb)

    what are you're thoughts on this?
  2. A slimy way to make money. Gtfo Sony.
  3. STUPID! STUPID! STUPID! :nogusta:
  4. still the xbox is going to rape sony
  5. I like how no one asks for a sauce on this (deliberate yes).

    Sony said they were working on the compatibility of having PS3/2/1 games on the PS4 but the technology isn't currently available for them.
  6. your*

    Without a source, that's the extent of my thoughts. :otunga:

    Really though, in this hypothetical situation, if that were the case then it seems ridiculous to make people who try to SAVE money purchasing pre-owned games pay MORE for their system.
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