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  1. Be wary when hotlinking images from unknown or small sites and upload them onto an image host if you can. Hotlinking gives the hosted site the ability to serve malicious content that could potentially harm this site or the users.

    Hotlinking is basically copying the URL for an image (like when you right click on an image and choose 'Copy link') and using it in a website inside tags. Whenever someone views the page that you posted the image with, it will give traffic to the person who owns the image and if it's a small site it could cost them a lot in server charges. For this reason, some small sites add counters for images so you can't hotlink them. Some just change the image to 'please do not hotlink' but others can even change the image to something offensive or worse add malicious code into the image. Whenever you want to share an image, if it's on a smallish unknown site, upload it to an image host or use something like hyperdesktop to crop out the image you want.

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  3. Thanks for addressing this. My browser was blocking me a bit from this site due to this issue.
  4. WFs 1st PSA IIRC.
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  5. PSA: Jonathan's a fag
  6. I totally laughed at the rule "Jonathan (UID: 23) will never become a moderator of this site." Sorry man.
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  7. He's my fag.:mad1-61:
  8. Don't you own that?
  9. Yes I do.
  10. I just learned how to to this too... :sad:
    I shall go back to using photobucket.... :okay:

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