Music Psy and.....Snoop Dogg!? - Hangover

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Trip in the Head, Jun 9, 2014.

  1. Ok, I been a Snoop fan for awhile, but I feel ike he's getting desperate now with this pure unadulterated BS. What the hell man?

    You guys think this is as stupid as I do? The one good part of this video was the shot glasses falling like dominoes IMO. That was pretty cool.
  2. Snoop is just doing Snoop man... he just don't give a shit and he never has. That's just Snoop... and I like that about him.

    But this is better than any Lil' Wayne song ever released lol
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  3. I suppose thats true. Could be worse I guess.
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  4. Oh yeah and the thread title...

    It's the S-N-double O-P to the D-O-double G ya see. :dawg:
  5. You are right sir. Fixed.

    Although, I thought he was Snoop "Lion" now or some shit?
  6. He changed back to Dogg again... I have to find the interview but he basically said... Everybody still calls me Snoop Dogg so I don't know what the fuck I was thinking changing my name lol Hopefully he won't get Puffy syndrome and start changing it once a year lol
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  7. Good to know! I thought it was kind of lame TBH
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  8. Cashing in on that money while it's still available. Psy is rocking billion view vids, no one is going to turn that shit down.

    That being said, Sexual Eruption was better than this, and he was getting desperate to cash in back then. Do work Snoop, cash rules everything around you.

    That being said, this is stupid as fuck. No one wants that kind of music when they can't put down a glass of water without puking, this shit is atrocious sober.
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  9. and it's still better than Lil' Wayne lol
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  10. Wow, what a pile of shit.
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  11. Snoop 'sold out' and has been doing lame shit for a while now, hasn't he?
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  12. I guess I missed that. He did do that hot pockets commercial, but I thought that shit was funny (plus - Kate Upton :gusta: )
  13. Kate Upton is so hot
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  14. This is awesome...

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  15. That was pretty cool. Imagine being in that bar when they strolled in.

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  16. Yeah.. and I was loving the audience participation... some of those dudes were getting down lol

    But Snoop singing Dionne Warwick just made me laugh my ass off.
  17. If you showed snoop dogg this video in 1993, he would have shot himself.

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  18. Yeah it was lol. Move bitch, get out the way - lmao
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