PTP are so awesome

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Dec 19, 2012.

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  1. These type of segments need to air on RAW.
  2. forgot they existed actually. WWE's revamped tag team division turned into the Rhodes Scholars and a temporary team between Ray and Cara before they feud. Of course Hell No will split soon as well.
  3. I still can't get over how much Young looks like a black Cena [​IMG]
  4. He's mentioned that on TV before, it's quite weird.
  5. Give them their own youtube show like Jomo and Miz had.
  6. Why does it always have to be YouTube shows? Having a show with a maximum of like 20k viewers isn't going to help them in my opinion. Give them a show but have it on RAW (unless that's what you meant in the first place.)
  7. Re: RE: PTP are so awesome

    Why not? If it's a success then put it on Raw after but you saw the Impact Z true had, why not try to replicate that?
  8. Z True was made away from WWE, he had full control and he was never on any show like RAW or SD. He also had the backing of Cena, Punk, and other massive stars plugging his show every single week, and it was reaching like 150-200k views. WWE took it over and now it barely gets over 20k lol.

    Also, Z True was like a social experiment. The smarks got fully behind it, and the power of a lot of hardcore fans in the arena is quite something. The "we want Ryder" chants were so effective because smarks were doing it through crucial segments, like Rock's ending speech at Survivor Series, who would have thought Rock gets interrupted by the crowd mid-way through a promo with "We want Ryder" chants?

    Having it as an WWE official YouTube show won't have that effect. Plus, these are actual segments backstage and such, Ryder's success was pretty much evolved around him never appearing on RAW and him making inside jokes (like the drawing money joke, climbing over the fence to get over, etc).
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