PTP's getting dat push

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Aug 20, 2013.

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  1. I would bet anything they are going to be champs sometime soon. Who was it that called them getting pushed when DY came out? You win the door prize
  2. If it wasn't obvious already, then them wrestling as baby faces and Darren Young making the pin fall victory pretty much says they're at least getting an eventual shot at Rollins and Reigns, if not a title win. Kind of sad that a guy announces being gay and the tag team he's a part of gets a push but whatever. I suppose they're entertaining enough to deserve it anyway and I've been thinking since The Shield won the belts that they should make the face turn (since people love them anyway) and at least become challengers for the belts.
  3. With Darren Young being gay could be one of the possibilities why they are recieving a push like this
  4. Oh I get it. Push, like when a guy pushes his thingy into another guy.

    It's funny because Darren is gay :jeritroll:
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  5. I highly doubt PTP will be champs before The Usos.
  6. It was pretty funny actually, how the guy announces he's gay and instantly gets on Raw and gets the win and all. But yeah, I'm all for it, I love PTP and they're over.

  7. :lol1:
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