Kayfabe PTSD

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  1. As the show returns from commercial, the show cuts to The Blade alone in his locker room. He is wearing his usual white and black outfit, but the room is in an odd sort of disarray. The normally organized and precise superhero has been sitting at the base of tornado judging by the room. Seated on a single folding chair in the middle of the room, Blade holds his head down, hiding it from the camera. Panning downward, his right fist is balled up tightly, and dripping with blood. Looking to the right of him, there stands a television, but there is a massive crack in it. From the looks of it, Blade had seemingly punched the screen so hard that he and the television were both damaged. On the flickering screen, the sight of Izobella's limp body being carried out by paramedics continually pops on and off of the screen. Among the chaos, Blade is alone. He is seated alone in this mess, and after what feels like an eternity, he begins to speak.

    "Cowardice. Pure cowardice. What type of man.....What type of man can do that to a woman that he cherishes? How can a man be so delusional that he does something like that to a woman who loves and cares about him? Why....."

    Seemingly unaware of the camera before him, Blade enters a monolog. However, he looks up and stares directly into the camera lens. His eyes are noticeably red, and what appears to be tears are welling up in his eyes. Staring at the audience, The Blade begins speaking again, but his voice seems to waver.

    "Tony Stark, unlike what your name may entail, you are no hero. You are not in the right to consider yourself superior to any man or woman on this planet. Your inflated ego has caused you to do the most dastardly of acts. You attacked and betrayed the one woman in your life who puts you above all...You're despicable. You and your group of villains are detestable scum, who need to be vanquished from these lands. Anthony, your actions tonight have unleashed something within The Blade that has not come out in some time. When you and The Blade step into that ring tonight, The Blade isn't fighting for himself. No, he is fighting for everybody who has supported The Blade in that audience. He is fighting for your wife...and he is fighting for Powerful Porkchop..."

    As Blade mentions his sidekick, he drops his head down in shame. The attack that had occurred on Tony Stark's wife is bringing him recollection of the attack on Porkchop by Jordan Bull, which had her in critical care. As Blade sits, alone in his chair, the scene fades out to black.

    -End Segment-

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