Public debate against this site and Crayo [FRIENDLY DISCUSSION ONLY]

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Mr Cobalt, Sep 26, 2012.

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  1. I, Mr. Cobalt, believe that all members are equal, whether staff or member, pay to post here or do it for free, are solo or in a group. All members are the same, and I'm going to make sure it is always this way.

    If you ever come across a problem or need to talk, please PM me. Im the number one fighter for members rights, and i support each and every member here.

    I am anti-censorship
    I am anti-bias
    I am pro-equality
    I am pro-member
    I am Mr Cobalt, members rights activist

    Mr Cobalt
  2. Rights of Members

    I believe in this too.
  3. Rights of Members

    All members are not created equal.
  4. Rights of Members

    All penises are not created equal.
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  5. RE: Rights of Members

  6. RE: Rights of Members

    I will not rest until there's equality for all!
  7. RE: Rights of Members

    I approve to this statement. For I'm a minority without the legends pack.
  8. Rights of Members

    There is no inequality here so this thread is useless, but I may as well keep it open to read the inevitable hilarious replies.
  9. RE: Rights of Members

    it's not even black history month :gtfo:
  10. RE: Rights of Members

    It's Hispanic Heritage month :dawg:

    only until the 15th of October doe. Then it's back to white power until Feb. when we let the black folk have they turn.


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  11. RE: Rights of Members

    the dave chapelle white power pic :haha:

    White Power! Jack Bauer!
  12. RE: Rights of Members

    The man on top never realizes the oppression. Example: my original post count thread got deleted and not locked, more censorship.

    I want to see a day where there is no unfair treatment of less popular non legend members
  13. Rights of Members

    So a thread getting junked is suddenly a massive oppressive issue because I should have instead locked it instead, where you still can't reply... It makes no difference, I'm convinced you try and search for things to moan about on here. Without taking this into some lame debate, you do try and look for things that you can complain to me about or preach to the other members. It's quite immature if you ask me. First it was me not banning Aids (he's now banned temporarily) and now it's me junking a thread you made AFTER the milestone thread was made, that's why it was junked. The original threads you mention were there beforehand so closing was the right choice.

  14. Rights of Members

    Uhm, Crayo has deleted a lot of my threads and I'm an original member + legend.

    There is no favouritism or inequality on There never has been and there never will be. Simply because of the fact we're all family here and everyone gets along, even if we do bicker at times.

    If you feel there is inequality or injustice going on here, please click "here" to complain using our official complaints form.
  15. RE: Rights of Members

    Well I made the thread before the milestone one but nice try. And the difference is you can read my opinions in a locked thread not a deleted one.

    Toss the immature line around, thats your go to attack on me, but i have views of this place you disagree with so you put me down every opportunity. Being admin doesnt make you right and censoring my thoughts doesnt make them have any less merit.

    And i dont need to search for things wrong here, they are blatant to anyone who has no bias like the creator of it would obviously have.

    Call me immature, your subtle shots at me dont bother me at all kid.


    Just another pawn of the machine :-( sucks to be in that place. Ive complained before, nothing will change, what the fuck will filing an "official" complaint do? Seriously, think before you post all high and mighty.
  16. RE: Rights of Members

    No I didn't, I can see the junk section and I junked it after the milestone thread.

    Read what? Your opinion on your post count? Your opinion that you have reached a "milestone"? Oh yeah I'm sure me junking that thread buries a really valuable opinion.

    I've interacted with you about 4 times since you've signed up, that's it. I don't go looking for your posts, if anything at the moment I try to avoid them unless they're tennis related. All of those interactions included you complaining to me about my moderation style. I said "it's quite immature if you ask me", not "you're quite immature".

    If you haven't got the point yet, I don't care enough about your posts to "censor" them. If one of your posts breaks the rules or could lead to something stupid, then I will remove it. That's called moderation.

    This is fantastic. Now we can finally have this debate - which we've had a few times via PM - in public and I can actually expose your crap now. Please, list all the things wrong about this forum, I really welcome it. But if you do decide to list the many negatives about this forum, please provide examples.

    So far, you're the only user to complain about these things. I welcome this debate more than you can imagine, you know, because I'm a kid etc.

    P.S: Anyone who is on my side here isn't bias towards me. I've had more than my fair share of altercations with Jonathan for example, and he seems to completely agree with me here. The only person I favour on here is Xanth and Anon, you can take shots at me for that if you wish.
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  17. RE: Rights of Members

    Whether you made it before or after, if you look in the Locker Room, milestone threads are now being locked.
    A locked thread is going to be on page 2 within an hour, especially in the Locker Room, one of the most active sections. So it makes no difference if it's locked or deleted.

    He isn't putting you down, he's stating the facts. There is a milestone thread so use it.
    Being admin doesn't make him right, but Crayo owns WWEForums so he can do whatever he wants. And ironically on this occasion, he is right.

    This isn't #OccupyWallStreet for web censorship... he isn't censoring anything. It contains nothing that harms anyone in any way. He is organising the forum to keep it within the rules.

    I have no bias, and there is nothing wrong here.

    As in, you think I'm brainwashed by Crayo to thinking everything is fine and dandy for what he did? Ask Crayo. I have argued with him many-a-time when I express my opinion. Most times I'm wrong, just like you are now.

    If you even clicked the link, it takes you to Google. As in, stop being immature and grow up. There is no complaint's form, because there's been nothing to complain about.

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  18. Rights of Members

    Crayo locks/junks my threads all the time and I am the undisputed GOAT of WWEforums

    So he may be a retard, but he is an equal opportunity retard.

    now. lock this thread
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  19. Rights of Members

    In WWEForums history, coming up to one year in December, the only thing wrong with the forum is members such as yourself.

    I'm 100% positive this idiot is WebX, just using Google Translate for grammar.
  20. RE: Rights of Members

    The lack of warnings for members, lack of any real punishment system. The fact whenever I post a status negative about you or here it gets deleted. Same with theads now apparently.

    The other stuff is just a vibe of favoritism i personally get, and judging from how many join and say fuck this place, something must be turning them off.

    Of course People will agree with you, youre the great crayo and im lowly cobalt, the hated one. I dont care who agrees, once again nothing you say will change my mind and nothing i say will change yours, so we can have a debate so all your fans can make you feel special if you want.


    Now I'm being called an idiot, just about the mature response I'd expect. Nothing is wrong with me by the way I just have a differing opinion than most, dont hate on the minority
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