Punk and Heyman and what will come

Discussion in 'RAW' started by VoiceOfTheVoiceless, Sep 4, 2012.

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  1. I think we all knew it was going to happen at some point, but the question on every ones mind was when ? Well it just happen last night on Raw in great fashion. My idea on whats going to happen from this. Punk and Heyman going to form a super stable type of thing as Brock Lesnar as the muscle of the group. I also hope they get some young talent in the group such as dean ambrose (Jon Moxley) and Tyler Black (Seth Rollins) Be perfect for the young talent to be around a group of people like Punk and Heyman, and the fact that those two are already very great at what they do it should come easy. One other thing I got from this is Punk is not losing that championship anytime soon, and if he does it wont stay off his waist for long. I am more then happy for all of this to come we will see what next week brings, but we are for sure in for a treat. Heyman and Punk = rattings
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  2. This is a great idea. My review/posts show i want less punk tv time, but he could totally lead a group with heyman to get some young heel talent over the way they deserve. Seriously, great post.
  3. Omg that idea is awesome. A psychotic type stable will be great, but Rollins is NXT champion (and a face) so it's unlikely. I would mark though.
  4. Yeah I've heard a lot of rumblings that a stable is forming, and that'd be good for WWE. I know AidsJohnson doesn't want more Punk tv time, but his tv time is good for WWE, ratings and quality of product alike.

    A stable could help bring about something cool, as throughout wrestling history a good stable has brought together epic storylines between them and a force to oppose them. I'm all for this, the last real cool group concept idea for me was Evolution, it's been a while.
  5. Thanks for the positive feed back. Yeah I do know about Rollins being a face and NXT champ, but he would do such better for himself being with Punk. And because he did just have that thing with Punk on NXT I guess we can keep are hopes up. But for Ambrose I feel he will get tv time very soon. Way to good not too
  6. Punk is having hogan style WWE stuff lately, dude. He is good for the product, especially the older crowd, but I'd rather see 1/2 punk spots, and more Heyman. Mostly hate the Lawler stuff lately, and would much rather see him more if he was with people who need/deserve tv time that wouldnt get it otherwise.
  7. I think with the 3 hour show they know the only way to keep some people interested is get Punk on tv as much as they can. I think the Lawler stuff is pretty good, but they are making seem as Punk VS Lawler is more important then the WWE Championship match VS Cena. I feel Heyman is going to be doing most of the talking on Monday.
  8. 3 hours just has to end, it really does. It's the same length as a LONG movie, lol.
  9. I enjoy the 3 hours. I did not have enough wrestling before lol
  10. 3 hours is a hard timeslot to fill. Especially for as stressed a creative team. I predict they will be back to two hours sooner rather than later. Also voice, fill you wrestling time with other promotions as well if you already don't.
  11. I do watch other promotions, but thanks for the advice lol
  12. The extra hour of wrestling isn't more wrestling though. It's more commercials and recaps, lol.
  13. As Crayo says I've skimmed the last two RAW's. Yes I've been away but I'd still watch usually somehow but I waited and then did and skimmed lots which is unusual.

    Second Punk Heyman gonna be a great collaboration hell yes!
  14. The explanation is going to be awesome next week.
  15. This^^^

    Gonna be big.

    Imagine the promos!
  16. Fapping already.
  17. Recently had Mrs Cloud as u call her into the old PPV's getting her onto Punk, DZ and Miz recently and she likes Heyman from ECW and 05 ONS nut this could be the thing that get's her into the modern day stuff!
  18. I don't think we'll see that stable but it'd be nice. I just think we'll have Punk with Heyman as his manager (which will be very entertaining).
  19. Why are we interested in another "evolution" group again?
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