Punk and Lita @ Iron Man 3 premiere

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Senhor Perfect, Apr 26, 2013.

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  2. I love Lita's tattoos, they're great imo. Punk looks a bit nerdy, however he's a great wrestler.
  3. Wearing a dress like that with sleeve tattoos seems so weird to me.
  4. Must have been the tattoos that attracted to them to each other.
  5. Dem tattoos.
  6. i remember when i thought she was attractive. Dude isn't even taller than his date :pity:
  7. I do think she's beautiful. The tattoos are actually something that I think adds beauty to her, and I love her long gorgeous red hair. Punk is a lucky man, I'll give him that. As for Punk, he looks pretty chill in that suit. Doesn't look to fancy, but at the same time it adds a certain level of class to him.
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  8. I dont like tatoos however Lita is beautiful
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  9. Picturing Lita without tattoos makes her look, not like Lita at all.
  10. I'm pretty sure this is in the wrong section.
  11. She's a babe, i'd put it in her butt.
  12. She's still pretty hot. Though her neck is kinda wrinkly :willis:
  13. Punk in a suit? :russo:
  14. No it isn't, they're in a film premiere, Punk works for WWE true but Lita is retired so it must go here... It's wrestling people but isn't WWE or TNA related
  15. Lita is not attractive at all
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  16. She wasn't bad in these days:
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  17. so what's the deal, Mr. 'best in the world" thinks hes "better" then IRON Man? LMAO!!!!!
    as far as lita goes, shes not the best looking anymore. Trish all the way. STRATUSFACTION!!!!!!
  18. Not bad, she'd surely get it, but not my cup of tea by any stretch.
  19. This. Mediocre at best. Same deal as the kelly kelly fanatics. Mediocre.
  20. Haha nice suit, punk. That shirt come from the fag section of Kohls?
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