Punk and Rock - kayfabing on Twitter

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Aug 12, 2012.

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  1. CM Punk during Rock's #RockTalk (question time):


    Rock's response:


    I've set my mind to thinking this is a confirmed RR feud now.
  2. Punk and Miz - kayfabing on Twitter

    Where is Miz?
  3. Punk and Miz - kayfabing on Twitter

    I'm retarded. Changed.
  4. It was obvious they were wrestling at the Rumble. I'm just wondering if WWE will annoy me by taking the belt off Punk and then giving it back to him before then, thus ruining a lot of momentum that Punk could have walking into the Rumble, and preventing him from getting the longest reigning world title reign since Hogan in the 80's. Lol @ the recent rumors that Cena would win the belt, drop it to Rock at the Rumble, who would then drop it to Punk at Wrestlemania.
  5. Isn't it rumored Punk drops it to Rock, who drops it to Cena at Mania, so he gets his win back?

    Anyway good to see they're going with it, Rock looks in better shape and seems abit sharper on the mic.
  6. Words can't describe how annoyed I would be if they had Punk drop the title to Cena, for him to lose it at RR, then for Rock to face Punk at WM, it would be painfully stupid. Have Cena vs Rock at RR in no.1 contender's match at RR to face Punk at WM #Duh
  7. A rumor was mentioned a few days ago that the title would transition from Punk to Cena (NOC, probably) to Rock (RR) to Punk again (WM29.) Its laughable mainly because of how incredibly low the odds are of it happening.
  8. Punk loses to Rock at RR, Cena wins the title at WM and all the kids go home happy.
  9. Keyfabe is alive and well
  10. You said it sister!
  11. It's the key to the story.
  12. Guessing a match between the two is kinda guaranteed now. Question though:

    Would anyone else rather Punk/Rocky at WM and Bryan/Cena vs Rocky at the RR? That way Punk could win the rumble maybe?

    Honestly, I don't wanna see Cena/Rocky again at WM again... Or at all for that matter. They should let Punk shine and have a good WM feud with Rocky. Bryan/Rocky at the rumble would be sweet too if Bryan keeps on with his upwards spiral.
  13. Bryan and Rock wouldn't be as interesting as Punk/Bryan, probably because of the heat Cm Punk draws more than Bryan? maybe. maybe. :burns:
  14. Saw it coming, they already had John Cena vs The Rock so no one really wants to see it again. CM Punk also was the one who attacked The Rock on 1000th Raw, so it should be them who meet. I can see CM Punk beating The Rock, then The Rock wanting another championship shot at Wrestlemania, thus having John Cena take the championship away from Punk, and him having his rematch with both of them to have The Rock vs John Cena vs CM Punk
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