Punk answers "is WWE trying to erase Benoit from history?" question

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Oct 19, 2012.

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  2. This has been the obvious reason that most already figured. By not further promoting him though (not that I blame them, I'd do the same), he might as well be erased from history. And wasn't Benoit supposed to fight Punk the night of his suicide (Vengeance 2007)? Would have loved to have seen that match. Oh Benoit, why couldn't you have killed your family at least a week later...
  3. Agreed! :otunga:
  4. Wow thats a question that shouldnt be asked Benoit deserves no promotion after what he did fucking murderer
  5. Hence why WWE doesn't promote him...

    It was good of Punk to answer that question and then own the guy after.
  6. Indeed, makes sense. If they promoted him it'd look bad for WWE.
  7. I don't think they need to "promote" him but it's embarrassing when they purposefully go out of their way to avoid mentioning him. There are more examples than this, but the one I always think of is inevitably every royal rumble they will talk about "only two men have entered first and won.... ::insert HBK mention::" Obviously Benoit is the other.. who do they think they are fooling by not mentioning him? If anything they probably just drive a lot of people to google and wind up giving Benoit even more exposure than if they had just casually mentioned him in these types of scenarios.
  8. This is old and what's a chris benoit? Everyone knows that there was no winner at the 2004 Royal Rumble. Also WM 20 had no main event. :bury:
  9. What are you talking about dog? WM 20 ME was HHH vs HBK and it was a draw.
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  10. Yeah and then the world heavyweight title got misplaced and orton found it on the ground so they let him hold on to it for a while
  11. Why don't they ever talk about the brain damage he suffered from or the damage all of the wrestlers eventually face? You can't blame him for acting out when he wasn't right in the head. He should have not been wrestling and thats the WWE's fault for not testing him and making sure he is okay. He had the brain/mind of a 70 year old man with alsymers.
  12. What hug are they talking about? The one at the end of Wrestlemania 20? Kevin Nash said that was the end of the business as we knew it. Not sure what the black out comment meant.
  13. Well technically it does say he has the reigns, has the wins, and everything. Just no profile or pictures or anything. Old man brain or not, he still killed his family, and it's understandable why they won't promote him, they don't want to look bad too.
  14. 85 year old man, actually.

    I can see them not bringing it up on the show considering they still don't want to remind people of what he did, but Vince has mentioned in interviews that he doubts the condition of Benoit's brain being so fucked up that it was that of an old man. But obviously, he does know that Benoit's many concussions (as a result of what WWE had him do in the ring) were the cause of his mental breakdown, otherwise Vince wouldn't have ordered there to be no more unprotected chair shots to the head after the condition of Benoit's brain came out. Vince just doesn't want to take part of the blame.
  15. Honestly, Vince is a true business man. He would rather sweep someone under the rug than admit he was wrong.
  16. Like I said, you don't have to promote him or anything like that. But to just never use or mention him under any circumstances is just dumb. If you are talking about the #1 entry into the Rumble, admit that Benoit won the shit from the #1 spot. If you are making a best of Wrestlemania DVD, you better include the main event of WM 20. That was one of the best matches & moments (following the match) in wrestling history.

    I understand why they don't, but it just irritates me.
  17. This pretty much sums it up. I don't think it's wrong that they don't mention him, it's just quite irritating as they pretty much insult their fans intelligence. But I still think they are doing the right thing.
  18. Slow your roll.

    Come back and talk to me when you've dealt with Post Concussion Syndrome and PTSD, both of which were part of the diagnosis offered through an autopsy of Benoit's brain.

    His actions were horrific and I understand (even if I don't always agree with) why he's mainly ignored, although I do agree with Dolph's that, by going out their way to ignore him they are simply forcing more people to do their own research and discover how good he really was at the pro wrestling game, but they weren't the acts that were decided upon by Christopher Michael Benoit, husband and father who, by all accounts, was one of the most dedicated family men in the business. They were acts that were decided upon by an extremely damaged and unhealthy brain.

    It's like my grandmother who died last year. When she started acting like a six-year-old who was afraid of the dark, that wasn't the strong, intelligent, tough woman that I grew up around; it was somebody who was so sick and whose brain had become so damaged (in her case by a stroke that led to dementia) that she could no longer truly be considered the same person.

    So, before you cast aspersions, get some perspective and some life experience. We'll all respect your opinion a hell of a lot more.

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  19. What you do defines you as a person and unfortunately he murdered his family. Whether or not his brain was severely damaged is irrelevant because that is a cop out in my opinion. It was a horrible thing and I don't care if his name is ever mentioned again to be honest. His brain being damaged is a separate issue that I'm sure is being dealt with accordingly.
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