Payback Punk back for Payback?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Crayo, May 9, 2013.

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  1. Always nice to have an update on Punk. There hasn't been any news on it in ages. :dawg:
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  2. Official Punk speculation thread, please. I'm begging.
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  3. Wish this is true tbh, it's hard to see Cena/Ryback feud and Lesnar/HHH feud, they're not really interesting imo
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  4. Day 456 and still updates on Punk's returns. Ran out of piss, looks like I may die anyday now.
  5. Bleacher report same news.
  6. apparently Punk has been pulled from Televised events till Summerslam
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  7. That's great that he picked his home town to come back now the crowd will be extra loud.
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  8. I would want him to stay off as long as possible since it will help refreshing his character a lot and let him make a complete recovery from his injuries, but things are looking bad without him.
    If he returns by the time of SummerSlam, it will be HHH/Lesnar 7 , and Cena will bury half the roster by then.
  9. Probably will end up as just an appearance for his hometown at best. I hope he stays away longer than just missing one PPV.
  10. It's like Punk news is the only thing giving dirtsheets clicks.
  11. That would be a 2 month break for him. If they've got a storyline that is good for Punk then have him ME it in his home town. If not then no point in him returning.
  12. wanna see him return at RR so bad though and win the thing
  13. Would be the worst night ever.
  14. What is your problem with Punk?
  15. Don't like the guy. Find him highly overrated, repetitive/boring and his stans are the worse.
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  16. Not to mention the best in the world gimmick is something he took from another member of the current WWE roster. I get TGMTEL AA has the same deal, but to me it's a mockery of DB, who is clearly the better superstar, in every single way.
  17. Yeah, been wondering why he mentions Aries during his entrance every time he shows up.
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  18. It makes sense since it's in Chicago.
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