Punk bleeding at RAW

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Jose Tortilla, Aug 28, 2012.

  1. Punk was bleeding in his match against Jerry Lawler.

    Now, did he blade, or was he cut open by something else?

    On a side note, it was the first time for me to see a WWE superstar wiping the blood off his head.
  2. It was an accident, he was told to wipe it constantly too. They don't blade any more, and they certainly wouldn't tell him too against someone like Jerry Lawler. That accident -- which AE marks would have marked their tits over -- made Punk look stupid imo.
  3. I marked a little.. I was surprised that Lawler didn't bleed. The man has the same forehead as Ric Flair. But did it came from the fist drop? It was on the top of his head, though.
  4. Think it was an accident, no way would they have someone like Punk get busted open with a match with an commentary guy. And most likely it was because he was told to wipe it off, they did the same to the jobbers who were fighting Ryback, Punk probally got the same treatment. Would have made the match look a little more brutal though.
  5. The whole match was stupid. Jerry was competitive with the WWE champion, it makes me as a fan believe anyone can be competitive and get the WWE title, it certainly didn't make Punk look talented and a threat to Cena. Though what happened AFTER made it worth while.
  6. Cena sold it like gold.. That was awesome.
  7. Just a botch, no reason for Punk to bleed there.
  8. :hmm: Hasn't it been like that since Miz was champion? Miz fought with Jerry for the WWE championship once if I'm not mistaken.
  9. In a highly competitive match, may I add.
  10. Well considering WWE is PG now and Linda's campaign is still going then blood isnt allowed so obviously CM Punk got busted open legit and had to keep wiping his head but that just sucks as blood should be allowed. I really hate this kiddy PG era
  11. The blood isn't gone because of the PG thing. It's about the danger of giving eachother infections.
  12. Yeah, it was a legit bleed from some kind of accident. I thought he hit his head against the cage or something. Seemed like he got the gash on top of his head and it looked like it was bleeding off to both sides of his head. Like others said, he had to keep wiping it, etc. I posted a pic at the end of the discussion thread that Colt Cabana tweeted of Punk backstage getting treated after the show.
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