Punk brilliantly works/destroys kayfab on RAW

Discussion in 'RAW' started by RadicalOneO, Dec 6, 2012.

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  1. I thank R'Albin for showing this, otherwise I would have missed this awesome piece of footage

    In the same promo where Punk attacks Miz wrestling credibility, he destroys his own

    'What's your real name?' .... 'CM Punk'....EhhhhhRRRRRRRRRR

    Wrong again, Phil. You brought this on yourself. I say your delusional and yet you manage to prove it in front of 'thousands'

    More Punk failing college entrance exams for leaving his name blank

    Beautiful. Just when I hope you turn a corner, you do it again

    Superman thanks you, Batman thanks you and most importantly 'basement guy' thanks you.

    God bless you CM Punk
  2. He said "What's your name?", his ring name is CM Punk.
  3. Can't buy it.... any other cat, it would be fine

    The way that guy jumps in and out of kayfab that answer's unacceptable

    ...unless... he really does believe his name is CM Punk

    If thats the case, I can eat crow.....and lets not forget this was a lie detector test
  4. This thread is ridiculous in my opinion, unless of course it's some sort of "troll". Are you seriously criticizing Punk for not using his ring name when asked what his name was? It's like a heel asking HHH what his name is and him replying "Paul Levesque" - silly. No one knows him as Paul, no one knows CM Punk as Phil.

    Yes Punk jumps in and out of kayfabe but most of the time it makes the promo better; this is something he answered rightly.
  5. :mog: :facepalm:
  6. Yes, the angle called for the truth on heated promo and I expected him to say Phil

    It was a lie detector test or are you forgetting that, too?

    Everybody knows CM Punk is Phil... don't be manipulated into thinking otherwise

    10 yrs ago, I'd agree, but today these things are common knowledge

    (Debate here, none of this is personal... I'm not attacking a member's intellect)
  7. I have a hard time seeing the marks/casuals actively looking up CM Punk's real name. Punk is known more as Punk then as Phil Brooks. The casuals have no other name to put on him then CM Punk. Why bring down that wall? It's like if Hulk Hogan was in that same position in an angle he would answer Terry Bolea or Randy Savage answering Randy Poffo. Just not happening. Even in this day and age 90% of the casuals know Hulk as Hulk, same with Punk.
  8. Fair point but... Punk has made himself famous blurring these lines...imo

    His famous 6/27/11 was proof of this. He's the guy who's called HHH, Paul, on a heated promo.

    The entire Summer of Punk was focused upon Punk's dissatisfaction going on behind the curtain

    It's far too easy to look up Wiki, anyways, especially this cat
  9. So because of one Punk promo from the past (over a year ago) he needs to call himself Phil Brooks all the time? Come on, I know you're a massive Punk hater but this is nothing Punk should be hated for. He didn't "lie" either, his ring name is CM Punk.
  10. :vince: :maybe: Oh man, where is randy to explain when you need him.
  11. I never said 'all the time', just this segment.

    This was a lie detector test that required him to tell the truth, with a guy sitting their monitoring it

    'Hated for' ? I couldn't care less if you hate him, just thought it was wrank that's all

    When you take a lie detector test, you state your real name not CM Punk.

    I'm guessing I'll hear, 'but its not real, idiot'. Yeah and Punk made one promo breaking kayfabe. lol

    If it makes you feel any better he 'passed' the da** test.

    (Close this read when you're ready, I've obviously crushed the wrong button on this one)
  12. I don't really get the point of this thread, his RING NAME is "CM Punk", its not like he was lying or something when he said that..
  13. So if it was Kane, Daniel Bryan, Dolph Ziggler or anyone else, you'd expect them to say their "REAL NAME11!!i!"?
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