Punk/Bryan - Never end!

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, May 21, 2012.

  1. It looks like this feud will carry on after the perfect ending yesterday. Everything about that match was amazing. Definite match of the year contender. Were you guys as marky about it as me and Rambler were in the discussion thread?

    It should definitely have been the main-event, the crowd were absolutely buzzing for it.
  2. This should've been the ME for sure. I hope the rematch is asap, so at the next PPV.
    I really hope Bryan can take it, this reign is going on for too long now.. New champ, asap, anyone.

    After Bryan wins, I really hope they will put Dolph over to feud with him. As stated before, Dolph was an awesome amateur wrestler, so a good match with submissions and all of that would be super epic imo.
  3. They'd need to turn Bryan face before Ziggler gets up there.

    I don't want this to be a short feud. Bryan/Punk deserve all the spotlight and time they need.
  4. Maybe take No Way Out and Money In The Bank with it, enough time to make Bryan a face. Then at Summerslam, Dolph vs Bryan for the WWE championship. Seems legit to me.
  5. Doubt that's going to happen. Either way 2 more PPV's with each other sounds perfect.
  6. I think I was right up there with you and Hoss when it came to marking Crayo. That match was the bomb :dawg:

    These two guys definitely deserve a best of 3 feud. WWE have a potential prime feud of the summer/fall right there between the two. OTL was the stepping stone that set it off. Kind of what I was discussing in my This weeks Smackdown thread. Bryan will feel cheated by his former friend and now the real feud will kick off between the two.
  7. It was a great match. Hopefully, now the feud between those two will be more interesting.
  8. I'd book it like this (could turn Bryan face on the way). Punk won this one by a second pretty much before tapping. Bryan uses that to torment Punk and say he will tap him faster at No Way Out. They have a epic build up and the match comes and Bryan does win but only just, like Punk won only just last night. So as Stopspot said, it'd be a best of 3 feud.

    In the last month of build you tease the face turn by Bryan accepting how tough Punk is and vice versa. It becomes more of an "old friends who were indie wrestlers showing how good they are" feud instead of a heel/face feud. I'd personally want Bryan to keep it by winning the 3rd encounter and if he remains as over as he is now he should do.
  9. The main event someone other than than Cena/Rock/Brock? :bury::dawg:
  10. I understand why Cena is in the main-event, I just don't think on a PPV it's necessarily needed. The crowd died when Big Show entered the frame.
  11. Quality wise it would be match of the year by a mile. However due to the lack of build I would have it behind a few others this year.

    However their next PPV match could very well be the match of the year, by a margin.
  12. Build shouldn't even be considered in a MOTY contest. HHH vs Taker is close, but this is on top.
  13. I don't think Kane shares your enthusiasm for this feud judging by his attempts to bury it.
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