Punk calls TNA wrestler aka Former WWE Wrestler "Absolutely the worst"

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Zamorakian, Feb 28, 2012.

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  1. [​IMG]

    Source: Wrestlezone

    Once again, BEST IN THE WORLD!
  2. RE: Punk calls TNA wrestlers "Absolutely the worst"

    He didn't diss TNA he dissed only Elijah Burke. I can't say he is right because I never watched a match in my life with Elijah Burke but I looked at a clip and their match seemed weird.
  3. RE: Punk calls TNA wrestlers "Absolutely the worst"

  4. Only called one, not all TNA wrestlers.
  5. RE: Punk calls TNA wrestlers "Absolutely the worst"

    I never said he dissed TNA, I misspelled TNA Wrestler.
  6. Typical Punk, I like that about him.
  7. Oh, now I get how horrible Elijah Burke was. Probably miscommunicated because he was racist towards whites.
  8. Sounds about right. He calls someone a diva but he cry's about constantly being misused. I like Punk but he's probably the biggest diva there is.
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  9. CM Punk is just telling the turning the TRUTH THAT TNA FUCKIN SUCK!
  10. He never said that.....
  11. CM Punk is a pussy hypocrite diva cry baby back bitch
  12. Punk is just continuing what he started the last summer - bitching, whining, complaining. Nothing new here from him, as he obviously never wrestled some guys like Rob Terry, Khali and Anarquia.
  13. Hi again TNA guy, Austin Aries, Bobby Shit, Jeff Hardy, AJ Styles and along with their other partners are a bunch of failures.
  14. Everyone who has been in TNA is a failure then?
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  15. Hello to you too. Chill out breh, I ain't even bleeding, but I can still see the hate coming out of you, whilst I don't hate Punk, you ultra mark of his.
  16. Guy's its Elijah Burke BACK THEN. Burke has improved according to people I can't say myself but this was back then way early in Punk's WWE Career.
  17. How ironic, the "best" picked the "worst". Unbeliavable.
  18. Will warn everyone who turns wrestling threads into flame wars intentionally from now on.
  19. Guy's flaming over one small thing the guy said in an interview that is being blown out of proportion right now. All he said was that Elijah Burke was the worst wrestler he worked with. He didn't criticize nor insult TNA. But wrestling sites like WRESTLEZONE headline it as Punk Trashes on TNA?
  20. He just said EB was bad.
    And agree with seabs, he never had those words in his mouth.
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