Punk-Cena Rivalry Reportedly Ending Soon

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Lacky, Oct 31, 2012.

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  2. I've been a huge fan of this rivalry, so hopefully it ends pretty well.
  3. Indeed, I would hate for it to go out on a flop. Hoping something big and unexpected happens. :otunga:
  4. So they could have the blow off match at TLC? Could be really cool.
  5. Cena/Punk in a TLC match would be fucking sick :vince:
  6. seems likely :cornette:
  7. IMHO - If Cena hadn't busted his elbow for real, the rivalry would have come to a heads at HIAC, no doubt.
    The problem is now that Ryback, who was only pushed in to the limelight cos of Cena's injury, has gotten over pretty well with this whole manufactured beef with Punk, so it's essentially left us with the following situation :
    Cena vs Punk, which has been going for a long time now, still not resolved.
    Ryback vs Punk, which was obviously only meant to be a fill in (til Cena recovered) has now also become an unresolved story line (thanks to Maddox) and really, only started backstage after Raw when Punk floored Foley.
    The problem now is going to be that both those rivalries are getting pretty decent heat and getting over with the crowd, so what happens?
    Does Cena get back to business with this fued with Punk, and Ryback suddenly gets moved back in to the shadows, or do we see Ryback continue to get the push, leaving this whole 'Cena & AJ' angle?
  8. Maybe they'll both die in a fire.
  9. I like your theory. :otunga:
  10. I feared personally that the angle was already over and dropped now that Cena is feuding with Vickie/Ziggler and Punk with Ryback. A TLC match between Cena and Punk would be a great blowoff to their feud since we didn't get a Hell In A Cell match, which would have been awesome. I would expect a Foley run in or something, considering Punk is 'feuding' with Foley as well and TLC is in Foley's hometown, I think.
  11. If the Cena v Punk thing is done, it's stupid cos all the promos they cut in ring for the past month have then amounted to nothing.
    DZ feuding with Cena does nothing for DZ either cos it's taking him away from his goal, which should be cashing in his MITB brief case.
    The writers have done such a half assed job of tying up stories that nothing makes sense..this is the problem with 4 shows in 7 days - things get missed...
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