News Punk ends up in feud with the Screeching Weasels

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, Nov 21, 2014.

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  1. Pwmania.

    Best thing I read all day.

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  2. :lol1: Punk? Gym-muscled steroid user? :dawg::dawg:
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  3. Ben Weasel really just needs to shut the fuck up. The guy is total hypocrite and really needs to stop writing garbage like this.
    I'm not sticking up for punk, but Weasel is a woman beating piece of shit.
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  4. lol Punk's an internet warrior/white knight
  5. Hugging them with his fists? Eh?
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  6. It's a work, everything is a work.
  7. Funny how CM Punk loves to call out women beaters like Chris Brown and this guy, yet he doesn't mind professing to be a huge fan of Wifebeater 3:16. (Yeah, that was over a decade ago. So what. If it happened today, Punk would probably just shrug it off and say how it's "none of his business" and continue to praise Stone Cold.)
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  8. ... How do you hug with your fists?
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  9. :haha: just caught that.
  10. Settle it in the ring, douchebags.

    Put 'em in a cage match.

  11. L


  12. I have a good feeling that he's never seen this slug on tv. :pity1:
  13. He calls Punk a has-been but I've never heard of these guys before.

    Basically, random punk ass (lololo pun) rock dude doesn't like Punk, thinks wrestling is fake, makes a fool out of himself, would still get rekt by Punk any day of the week. 10/10
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  14. Punk is a fuck boy and nobody has ever heard of this shitty band. cool.
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  15. I actually have heard of Screaching weasel- have a few of their records. Punk and Ben Weasel are still assholes though
  16. I stand by my post
  17. r u punks gf??
  18. Both guys are world class assholes. End of discussion.
  19. Obsessed ex mode here.
  20. yes, I am AJ Lee.
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