News Punk getting Cabana tryouts

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Stopspot, Jun 20, 2013.

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  1. Cabana on commentary .... :hmm:

  2. I've only seen a few matches randomly put here, but he isn't anything worth time. ANother older wrestler about to take time away from young talent.
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  3. Apologies for duplicate thread. Thought it was more destined for General WWE though. Anyway, Cabana would be gold as a commentator. The guy is hilarious. They could easily incorporate a wrestler vs commentator feud with him as well.
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  4. What Cabana can bring also is a character to be in Punk's corner as a face if they feel like it. The anti Paul Heyman if you will. Also a good foil for heels who feud with Punk to play off of.

    Colt is funny when he wants to. Haven't heard that much of him on commentary. Guess it depends on who he is paired with, he would obviously get training as well so it would probably work out well.
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  5. He would be so much > Miz. Ill agree there.

    Even him being face and cole being an asshole while Lawler even hates would work wonders.
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  6. He is certainly better than Lawler. I could easily see him as a color guy on Raw in the future. He is funny and well spoken. He is easy to like.
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  7. Cabana > Lawler presently, with some experience, who knows how good he could end up.
  8. The question is would he be better than Booker T at commentary? :booker:

  9. I'm not sure I'd go that far, he's a solid worker who's got great comedic timing / acting. Watch his creative has nothing for you / the worst promo videos he's done.

    Although it'd be a shame if he was forcefed the horrible WWE Apps lines over and over again, plus the burgers.
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  10. Thank you!!! I knew I liked you, whoever you are! :yay: Colt is golden when it comes to that type of stuff. I always enjoyed the CHNFY skits, and now that they're doing "Worst Promo Ever," I get laughs with those every week to get my comedy / Cabana fix. I used to post them in the "Other Wrestling" section, but they seemed pretty much unnoticed, so now it's just a private pleasure. :ksi:

    Colt and Marty are a great comedic duo anyway, and I love their commentary for $5 Wrestling, as well. Personally, I think Cabana would be fantastic in the role of color commentator. I agree though that it would suck with him being forced into the crappy WWE commentary crap with lines / food promos / no foul language / etc., but overall I think he'd still be great.
  11. That Creative/heel vid was hilarious
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  12. ITT we establish Cabana breaks GrammarNazis.
  13. settle down GN jeez
  14. :haha: Creative has nothing for you is one of the best short web series ever. Colt would be a complete boss no doubt on commentary :true:
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  15. Do you watch their new web series "Worst Promo Ever"? Comes out every Monday. :otunga:
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  16. I can't help it! :upset: He just gets me all excited.

    Also my work computer is a POS and the browser crashed mid-post. Ugh.
  17. ...yes o3o
  18. CM Punk is a lot how I would be if I was filthy rich. I'd be trying to set up my buds with jobs left and right.
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  19. I hope you'd be better at it, he's apparently been trying to get Cabana in since 2011.
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