News Punk going to court...against his own mother

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Stopspot, Jun 26, 2013.

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  1. TMZ article
  2. Damn, good for him. His mom reminds me of my friends mom and she's a real pain in the ass. Hope all goes well for him.
  3. Wow... Good for him. Fuck that.
  4. CM Punk vs CMom Punkette

    Well this is a awkward case for Punk, I can see where he's coming from though, he shouldn't have to deal with that kind of stuff.
  5. Punk's biological family is kind of scary. His dad was a drunk, his brother stole money from him and his mom is apparently bipolar and trying to emotionally blackmail him.

    How Punk didn't become a criminal or a degenerate is an impressive feat.
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  6. Is it just me who's kind of freaked out by this being news? I don't see why anyone would feel the need to report this.
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  7. Seems like someone needs a timeout amirite guys :isee: ...guys....guys....anyone...:upset:
  8. Even Punk's family hates his ass. What a clown
  9. Are you new to TMZ?
  10. I watched his DVD and from what I heard his biological family didnt and dont give a shit about him. Good for him.
  11. He left when he was like 15 and lived with his best friends family who he calls his family and they treat him like family.

  12. Nope, just always been concerned how people preach about wanting their own information to be secure yet promote this kind of stuff. Plus why would anyone care about this, Punk is suing his mum. So what? I know they'll jump on anything but it's just so odd, you know?
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  13. Doesn't seem odd to me. Why do people care about gossip about stars? Idk, just they way life works.
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  14. I wonder if he realizes if she breaks the order that she will be locked up.
  15. Pretty much what others said about his family sucking. Also, kudos to him for standing up and taking action on this.
  16. Punk's family was probably fine before he was born. I can see how having to deal with that prick would make you a miserable family.
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  17. Most likely. That's pretty common knowledge, but also they typically explain the restraining order process to you when you attempt to get one.
  18. Filed a lot of restraining orders in your time?
  19. Well, my point is that if she has some sort of mental illness, jail isn't going to be the best spot for her. I wonder how easy it would be for him to change his number and simply not give it to her or anyone that would give it to her. It's not like she can just roll up on him, seeing as how he is constantly on the road. Or can she :hmm:
  20. as if jail is the best spot for anyone...
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