Punk Handcuffs Lillian, Phoenix-Kharma Feud, Former Writers opinion on new WHC

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Jonathan, Dec 19, 2011.

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  2. I agree to be honest, I doubt he'll be champ tilL Mania. That's why they didn't go through with the wrestlemania cash in. Disappointing really.
  3. Yeah they just don't have the confidence in him.
    That must be such a bad feeling for DB :emoji_slight_frown:
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  4. Well hopefully he'll do well with his current run, Vince always changes his mind. Don't see how the article is including Miz in that article though, he was champion for like 4-6 months wasn't he? Then won at Mania.
  5. I don't see why he mentioned Miz or Sheamus in the article miz held it for roughly 6 months and sheamus got about a 3 month reign didn't he? I can't see him holding it to mania but who will carry it in? Smackdown doesn't have too many options really. I can see this mania being a transitional mania since everyone knows Rock Cena is going to be a huge draw.
  6. Yeah Sheamus did get 3 months, god I hated those months. Agreed, SmackDown main event won't matter at Mania at all. RAW ME and mainly Rock v Cena is the draw. I see Bryan v Orton v Barret or something. Winner of the rumble I'm feeling will be a SD Superstar (unless who I want to win it wins it, Miz). Difficult, but I hope Bryan doesn't drop it yet. But it looks as if Bryan will be face throughout, after Big Shows promo tonight (apologies if I'm spoiling, it's not really a spoil though because it's not clear cut.)
  7. Miz could win and challenge Bryan I suppose. There is alot of history there plus the WWE is very keen on Miz. So have him be the top heel on Smackdown kinda like they did with Orton in 2005. I can't see many other options then bringing another a raw wrestler over.
  8. Well the biggest speculation is around Sheamus or Barret, many think they'll win it. Personally Kane would be a good one if he goes for Taker. Really excited because I can't begin to predict the winner. Last year I knew ADR would win, year before that I read spoilers of Edge's return so knew Edge would win.