Punk has made his decision

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Oct 15, 2012.

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  1. :hmm:
  2. Cena.

    He's Kayfabe shit scared of Ryback. :boss1:
  3. If he picks only one I hope it's Cena.
  4. Bet he'll say neither and attempt to justify it or something like that, can't see him choosing one over the other.
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    I read at a house show last week he told the crowd he chose Cena.
  6. maybe he picks ryback because he dosent want cena to have another title shot and doesnt deserve another one so soon
  7. He'll choose Colt Cabana :gusta:
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  8. He'll be facing Sami Callihan.....But I'd actually enjoy that
  9. Maybe Bob Backlund...

    But if he picked one over the other, I think it'd be Cena because he's injured, makes sense (in kayfabe ofc).
  10. Oh goody! Can't wait! :yay:
  11. I honestly hope it's Ryback. For two reasons. 1. I'm sick of Cena 2. Time for Ryback to put his money where his mouth and show how good of a wrestler he claims to be
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