Punk hurts HHH's ego :(

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Jan 30, 2014.

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  1. Poor HHH. But he's the biggest world champion of all time! GOAT!
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  2. HHH: Its wresltemania time again. Better get ready for my ONE MATCH A YEAR
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  3. I wonder what Stephanie's view on this is.
  4. fact: HHH > Punk
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  5. How is a feud with Triple H not a big time feud? He's been the top heel in the company since the summer of last year and he's one of the biggest stars of all time (not top 5 or anything, but defintely top 15 or 20 at least). I can understand being upset if his match wasn't gonna headline or if he was told he'd be jobbing to HHH (wouldn't happen) but what did he expect, a feud with John Cena or The Rock?
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  6. Gotta love how there's a new reason for Punk leaving every day... they could all be true, though.
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  7. I'm a huge Triple H mark. Triple H should just put himself in the main event. I wouldn't have a problem at all.
  8. Or none of them

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  9. Simple: Make Punk vs. HHH the main event at Mania.

    Problem: Solved. Next?

  10. That would imply this story is true.
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  11. Surprised Punk/HHH wasn't the planned Mania main event anyway, what with Triple H being the main figurehead of The Authority these past several months and all.
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  12. Also isn't HHH supposed to be a hugely evil egotistical asshole who'll put himself into every mainevent ? Internet don't lie to me.
  13. My Grandma works for WWE and told me that Punk quit because Cena spilled his Soda.
  14. HHH is the man. After watching his documentary last night (would recommend to anyone), I realize he's one of the chillest dudes they got. Punk's just bitchin.
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  15. Punk you ho. HHH is gifting you a match versus the GOAT and you leave? Selfish ho.
  16. They managed to revive Misawa?
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  17. Your opinion. I respect it.
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  18. Now I see why Punk wanted to induct the Ultimate Warrior into the Hall of Fame :pity:
    CM Punk will be on Raw this week, according to backstage sources. After leaving to go home last week, he has not only been brought back to Raw but written back into storylines. According to F4WOnline, the reason that Punk left WWE to go home was because John Cena spilled his soda and he had another Pepsi that was ice-cold in the fridge.

    -Every dirtsheet on Monday.
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