Punk injuries, and maybe angry with creative?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Mar 28, 2013.

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  1. Meltzer
  2. I feel like Punk always thinks everyone is out to get him.
  3. It all started with the WWE title.
  4. Isn't he always crying?
  5. Yeah. And didn't he say once this to Christian?

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  6. Apart from the shitty way to build to the taker match (four way) - what does he have to be pissed about? :hmm:
  7. Getting the hell beat out of him in a few days
  8. Everyone should be angry at creative lol.

    And I'm surprised they're putting Rock and Brock on the same show since they seem to want to avoid them even being on the same Raw (for some strange reason, it's not like they have to interact with each other if destroying any aura of their future match is what they're worried about.) I really hope the rumors of Brock/Batista. That would increase the chances of Lesnar winning at WM and would be an awesome fight in itself. I believe Meltzer is the only source for that, though.
  9. IT CALLED HE NOT IN MAIN EVENT WM! I don't plame CM Punk I would piss to if i did get the main event and let face it it not when he won the wwe champion he main evnet ever ppv match! only with cena,rock and ryback are enfvade is when he the last match! when ur CLEARLY better the everyone on the roster and yet are STILL TAKING A BACK SEAT TO CENA! YES THERE GOING TO BE SAME TENDS! And he being burning him self out for 2 year and before he got this push in 2011 he was reporatly burn out before that! so i can ownly think how much he burn out now! i hope he not out for long. it this is reason why rock is at E.Rule then this maybe more of a sign rock winning, as for brock being at E.Rules I would not wrost this apperpuse for E.Rules since that don't have that many dates and i sore that wanted him for SummerSlam!
  10. Clearly better than Bryan? Freakin' laughable. I can deal with you saying he is arguably the best, but just stating it as fact is comical to me.

    Get over it dude. IF anyone has a right to be offended it's Daniel Bryan. He's doing a joker gimmick, and lost last year to sheamus faster than a rabbit humps. I don't get why Punk is so pissy, he is fighting the undertaker. That is the match i'm looking forward to the most.

    Punk seems like an intelligent guy to me, he should realize by now that he is way better than cena and the rock in the ring, but has nowhere near the star quality. He doesn't transcend the sport like the other two at all, and i'm going to venture to guess never will.

    I love punk but cmon I don't know how else to spell it out to you.
  11. boo hoo he had 434 day reign what more does he want.
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  12. Could that report be any more vague? It's honestly just like the author was reading through it all and thought 'hmm, this is a bit dull, let's just say Punk's angry at creative'.
  14. Lesnar and Rock for ER is a good thing, I suppose.
  15. Not really sure about Lesnar vs Rock . If Lesnar is not winning at WM then losing to The Rock would hurt his Monster heel persona.
    I rather give him someone to get a win at ER-PB and then face Punk at SSlam
  16. I'm guessing he's upset at Cena-Rock maineventing consecutive WrestleManias instead of him being involved.
  17. Nope, not enough fan boys like you can make Punk mainstream. Deal with it.
  18. Bye!

    See you next year.
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