Punk isn't a full babyface yet, maybe a tweener?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Baraa, Jun 27, 2013.

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  1. Okay...During the Punk/Heyman promo on Monday, Punk was so emotional in a way that I have never seen him before, nut what distracted me the most was that he obviously isn't a babyface as many think he is, at least not yet.
    That was especially proven when he said to Paul that "he is not like them *while pointing at the crowd* and that he doesn't have to lie to him". That was clearly an act that a babyface wouldn't do.

    So is Punk a Tweener now?
    Or is he still turning and the turn isn't complete yet?

  2. He's a face that isn't neutered. Which is what he needs to be.
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  3. Same as Ziggler I guess
  4. Baraa the booking in WWE has shifted since Payback. Faces are less cookie cutter and more logical at this point. Punk can both be a babyface and take a little jab at the crowd. Just because a face has some edge to his character doesn't mean he is a tweener.
  5. I love what he is doing right now. Call me crazy but I thought he was quite boring as a heel. We also get way better matches out of him when he's a face.
  6. They'll probably go ahead and ruin this now and have Punk & Ziggler team up against ADR and some other generic heel and have Punk/Ziggler smile after winning and hug. God dammit Dolph's.

    But yeah I agree. Let's hope this continues.
  7. I just hear people throw around the term tweener way too often. Punk is not a tweener, DB is not a tweener, Orton is not a tweener. Those are faces.

    The one tweener I recognize in wrestling right now is Aries. He can get boo'd and cheered equally in the same promo. He can wrestle a heel, work as the face and get cheered. He can wrestle a face, work as the heel and get boo'd. He is dat dude
  8. Not sure what Dolph is. A face who attacks Y2J? A heel who attacks ADR?

  9. He's a babyface bro. He was justified in the audience's eyes to attack ADR because of ADR targeting his concussion to win that match. He was justified in attacking Y2J because Y2J hit him with a codebreaker the week before. In a vacuum those attacks may be heelish, but Ziggler is responding logically, and that doesn't change his status as a face.

    A tweener gets boos and cheers. Ziggler just gets cheers.
  10. Tweener isn't about what reactions they get, it's about what actions they do. You have babyfaces who are good, heels who are bad, and tweeners who are a bit of both. Cena gets boo'd and cheered and isn't a tweener.

  11. Somewhat true, it is more about the reactions they are going after. You say it is about the actions they do, but there will always be babyfaces who do things typically viewed as 'heel actions'
  12. The whole tweener concept is just trying to sound intelligent imo, you're either a protagonist or an antagonist. It's not about morality rather your role in the story. You can be a good guy with questionable morals but you're still a good guy (Austin) or you're a bad guy who's being reasonable you're still the villain of the piece.
  13. Tweener is certainly a mix of reactions from the crowd as well as the actions of the individual and the way WWE books them in terms of who they feud with, but I would also still consider everyone either a face or a heel. As mentioned, it's possible to exhibit almost entirely heel actions, but as long as you're cheered and as long as you are booked predominantly against other heels, you're pretty much a baby face. Steve Austin being the biggest example. A guy they wanted to shape into the biggest heel in WWF but his popularity just kept growing and they were forced to book him as a face (i.e against other heels.) But they hardly changed his character a bit. He wouldn't insult the audience or anything as he sometimes would previously, but he wouldn't go out of his way not to attack the other fan favorites they cheered for either.

    As for the topic, Punk said: "...for the first time in your life, I want you to tell me the truth because I'm not them. And don't lie to me and don't try manipulate me like you lie and manipulate to everybody else, this is me standing here! And I can take it."

    All he meant was that the fans are merely fans and spectators and they don't know Heyman personally like the way he does, so Punk wants Heyman to be straight with him rather than lie to him and jerk him around like he does everyone else. Punk didn't really insult the crowd or talk down to them.
  14. I think he's kinda the Stone Cold style face. I chalk that up to his wolverine style mutton chops. I hope that he kinda goes the renegade route and some how begins leading the shield. Though, that is just my opinion.
  15. I wouldn't say faces like it was the majority. Ziggler, Bryan and Punk are really the only ones who come to mind. The majority of faces are still very cookie cutter

  16. Orton, Sheamus (he still smiles but the feuds with Henry and Sandow he has toed the line a bit more), Jericho attacking fellow faces...

    Cena is the only one I can think of off the cuff that is still a cheesy fuck head. Oh, Miz, lol.
  17. Sheamus is still very cookie cutter to me, he's up there with Cena.
  18. I would rack my brain to come up with all of the non-2011 WWE Face type of stuff he's done, but I don't care that much. Even when he does do those things his goofy asshole smile counteracts it, so I can see why you don't want to acknowledge his minor shift in character.
  19. I mean all faces have a tendency to do heel things that a heel would, even Cena, who we can both agree is very cookie cutter is guilty of it.
  20. Well sure, but generally I look at the motive and logic behind it. Cena won't go out of his way to be a heel unless provoked by someone else's heelish actions, Sheamus was going about and attacking Henry/Sandow unprovoked. One example that comes to mind is him bitching out of the arm wrestling contest to cheap shot Henry, who was just trying to follow the rules of the arm wrestling. There were other examples like that int he Henry feud and its continued on to the Sandow feud.

    They are definitely trying to make that a part of Sheamus' character IMO, much moreso than a guy like Cena.
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