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  1. Uhhh, yet ok?

    Anyone else have that reaction to the match? Good reaction for Punk (not MITB 2011 reactions) and a good match, but still nothing I'll tell my grandkids about. No storyline in the match, just two wrestlers putting on an OK showing. Second best MOTN, but I was really expecting something more from those two than just a good match.

    Does anyone else think Punk might not be back for good? Like, he just showed up for a once off in Chicago and won't be back for another few months now? I could see him having enough pull that he just came to WWE and was like 'hey, I'm bored, let me wrestle in Chicago', or something like that.

    What do you guys think? Were you slightly underwhelmed as I was, and what do you expect from Punk from here?
  2. I felt the same way. Punk didn't feel all there in the match. Like he was just there for that night and then he'd ride off again for a while.
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    I agree. I expected the match to have some swerve finish and start a new storyline for Punk but it seems like it was just a good old wrestling match, and indeed it doesn't feel like Punk will stick around. Weird.
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  4. Agreed btw. "uhh yet ok" is the best reaction to it to be honest. As much as I marked for Punk coming back to WWE and Chicago loving him, the match itself wasn't incredible to the point of having to re-watch it, and the result was underwhelming. He came through and beat someone who always loses, uhh, yet, okay? To be honest, the Brock Lesnar segment would have worked better there. They could have played more on Punk not needing Heyman's help, or wanting it, and then Heyman making a call. Out comes Brock Lesnar to destroy Punk.
  5. It had a basic storyline of Punk wanting to know if he could still hang with the big dogs and since Jericho is a former undisputed champion / first ballot HOFer he was that challenge, it's why Jericho brought back the Best In The World at what I do catchphrase. From Jericho's point of view he wanted to get payback for his previous losses to Punk in his home town.

    That goes against the entire character they built for Punk, he was a broken man on rock bottom. He came back to see if he could get it done after the big losses against Taker, Rock and Cena, he wouldn't refuse Heyman's help as he didn't even know if he could do it by himself. That's why his moves were sloppy in the opening exchanges before he managed to get some momentum using his tried and tested neckbreaker combination thing, Cole even sold it by using the line "now that's vintage Punk". It was the breakthrough for the Punk of old. Remember when he engaged with the crowd mid match after the first GTS when they were saying one more time? That was an another example of him growing throughout the match to breakout of the shadow of his losing streak in big matches. Remember he's gone from being convinced by himself and Heyman he's the Best In The World, invincible if you will to losing to The Rock twice then Taker. He fell down to earth with a bump after convincing himself he was god.
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  6. Good is a fair description for the match though, it wasn't the outstanding clash I hoped for although Jericho Punk never has been as good as I'd hoped.
  7. I'm glad Brock didn't come out and attack Punk at the PPV. It's a better moment to save for Raw.

    As for the match, it was pretty much what I expected. Good, not really great, but above average and it got the job done and told the story it wanted to. I kinda wish Punk had hit the GTS three times instead of two there at the end though, but it's a nitpick.
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  8. I thought the match was good, but I was surprised that they didn't develop any storyline for Punk at the PPV and they just let him win normally, just that, no interference, no controversy , no nothing.
    I was actually expecting for a swerve or something to happen at the end of the match, but he just won it, gotta say though I had a marking moment when he came out :yay:
  9. Match was decent at best, and we all knew how it would end. Little/no build, and i honestly forgot it even happened. When i saw this thread i was like "What, a year ago? Oh yeah, Jericho challenged him to a ppv in his hometown, genius" *last word is sarcasm*
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