Punk marks vs Rock marks

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Jan 3, 2013.

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  1. Lets do this pussies. Declare your allegiance.

    I'm captain of the Rock marks. Fuck CM Punk
  2. Comparing Rock to CM Punk is like comparing an A-bomb to a firecracker.
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  3. I like Punk but against the Rock it's no contest. I guess I'm on team D'sZ :shock:
  4. #TeamRocky #TeamBringIt #Pie
  5. Team Vanilla Midget
  6. #frycookwannabes
  7. Re: RE: Punk marks vs Rock marks

    You Americans always gotta mention food..... :pity: yeah rock doesn't even have a smiley 1-0 CM fag
  8. Team Beat In The World.

    That's right, I like The Rock, but a part-timer should never win the title.
  9. Team Prefer Old Rock Over Punk But Prefer Current Punk Over Rock
  10. Re: RE: Punk marks vs Rock marks

    What about old Punk?
  11. He is pretty beat.
  12. Re: RE: Punk marks vs Rock marks

    :pipebomb: wait that isn't appropriate is it :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:ipebombe:
  13. Old Rock > Old Punk

    New Punk > New Rock

    Old Rock > New Punk
  14. You forgot Old Punk/New Rock
  15. Re: RE: Punk marks vs Rock marks

    I'm really not sure Rock has ever had a match ad dope as Punk vs Joe (II OR III the first was meh imo) Aries at DBD or against Hero in IWA or even his cage match with Rave.
  16. We talkin music now?
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  17. Rock > Punk

    Any Rock, any Punk. Rock wins
  18. Lol. Rock, no contest.
  19. +1
    Couldn't agree more..
    No one in the current roster can touch the Old Rock, but the New Rock is not even comparable to the old Rock.
  20. QFT
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