Punk on his relationship with Vince & Lesnar

Discussion in 'RAW' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Jul 28, 2013.

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    On his relationship now with Vince McMahon:

    "I can't read the guys mind, but yeah I do think he looks at me differently. How can he not? The relationship is certainly different and that is something that is always evolving. My relationship with Vince today is different than what it was back in April. It's something that constantly changes and constantly evolves."

    On working with Brock Lesnar in WWE:

    "I never dealt with Brock. I never met Brock until he came back to WWE. There is a lot of people back here who say me and Brock are very, very similar. Unapproachable. Bad attitude. Kind of the 'cloud hanging over our heads.' To me he is a sweetheart. I have no bad stories about Brock yet."

    ^^^ Vince changing his mind about CM Punk all the time very interesting

    And WTF CM Punk calling Brock a sweetheart? really lol :pity: that guy is a bad ass and heres CM Punk calling him a sweetheart wow just wow. Also from what ive read and heard Brock can be nice at times its just how you approach him
  2. Lesnar's a sweetheart to Punk because he knows that Punk would kick his ass.
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    Good one, you're hilarious.
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  4. You don't watch the IT Crowd, you don't get to use the gif.
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  5. Brock "The Sweetheart" Lesnar
  6. I swear, most of these threads here are pure deja vu from WF. Same title there as well.
  7. I know a few of us browse that site and sometimes duplicate threads from there. I do it, but I at least change up the title and thread. I know Crayo peruses over there for threads, as does Stop.

    KellyKellyFan is a WF member who is only here because she got banned over there for being a dipshit.
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  8. LMAO, KKF is here? Didn't know she was here.

    As for the actual topic (sorry to go off a bit, just the first thing that came to mind when I saw the title), lol'd at the use of sweetheart. I dunno, sounds kinda funny when a dude says it about another dude. I would have expected 'he's a really nice guy, not a bad thing to say about him'.
  9. KKF = BLFFL
  10. We can only pray she'll be unbanned soon so she'll be less active here.
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  11. How much you think we can bribe WF to take her back
  12. I don't think they will ever unban her. They've been waiting too long for this moment.
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  14. I honestly don't mind her at all. I think she's hilarious, and the way everyone goes apeshit makes me giggle.
  15. I don't think anyone is truly bothered by BLFFL (or Zero/Gohan.) If they were, they'd just put 'em on Ignore instead of going back and forth with them so often. They're entertaining, if nothing else.
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  16. I agree, they are apart of our dysfunctional family.
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