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    On 6/7/13 at smackdown Cm Punk vs Alberto Del Rio ended in a double count-out during the match Del Rio hit Paul Heyman in the face while Haymen was at commentary which caused Cm Punk to snap and attack Del rio, throwing him into the baracade and then delivering a GTS in the middle of the ring.

    What are your ideas on what happened tonight on smackdown
  2. Please include the word "spoiler" or at least the date in the title of the thread next time you reveal things such as this, please. Some people disdain spoilers. Also, this happened in Smackdown so it should be in the section entitled "Smackdown, NXT & Events". Thanks!
  3. Booo I hadn't watched it yet, you suck.
  4. Spoilerd the title and content and moved it to the right section.
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  6. Inpunkwetrust. Use this thread if you want to discuss Punk's actions on Smackdown since this was the original one you made, instead of making a duplicate.
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