Punk opens show

Discussion in 'RAW' started by army_george, Aug 1, 2012.

  1. So im a little late on watching raw this week but how good was punks promo to start the show... that was freaking awesome

    Nobody is better on the mic than punk :pity:
  2. I enjoyed it :pity:
  3. It was weird seeing Big Show outwork him on the mic a few weeks ago, and this week where Punk massively outshined Show, as it should be.
    Really shows how much better Punk is in this role. As you said, it was freaking awesome.
  4. I wouldn't say Show outworked him, the content was better naturally as he's a heel. Punk's delivery is always pretty good on the mic face or heel, but I agree -- he's so much better in this role.
  5. I hope he does more segments about king lol
  6. his delivery is spot on... and sitting crossed legged on the announce table... genius.. made it that much more intense
  7. Im liking the new punk
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